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  1. What a very touching young man you are. I wish I had the honor or knowing you and watching you become the "real man" you will beocme. Good Luck to you, and give your parents a hug and a prayer to the Lord above for your spirit. I wish I could of said,"That came from my son".
  2. Let me try again. Im just learning how to do this. Putnam is so beautiful I probably can't do it justice. I have tons of pictures but they are coming up too large even from thumbprint size. I tried to delete but I think I didn't can't it ontime. I will send it to a MOD and they can hopefully delete. so sorry
  3. This might be a double post so I apologize if it is. I lost my other post. Since Guru didn't respond, I will extend our invitation to the play off games if (when) hosted at Ashland. It is something everyone should experience if only once. Even the parents feel the adrenline that the players feel as expressed earlier. Thank you for all the nice things said about Putnam. I mention that because of the threads about being "nice" and stopping all the "trashtalk". There probably isn't a bigger rivelry then Boyd Co., but earlier they expressed the love of our statium. I appreciate those. Everyone CAN get along... Think about it...come for a visit. :bounce:
  4. Guru, I think you would have a much better time hanging out at Putnam. If Onetoya offers ya press passes, I would rather invite you to sit with us, the FANS. That's where the "atmosphere" comes into play. I "only" can offer ya 45 yd tickets, but ...I want to invite you to our "tailgate" party. WE watch the players walk up the alley side by side taking up the whole street. They they run down the inzone stairs onto the field. I get goosebumps just thinking it's almost over. Ya really should think about it. After we win, we might have another party. Whatcha think Onetoya??? GO CATS
  5. Tomcatfan, What do you mean farfetched? We GOTTA keep the faith. I'm hoping I misunderstood your post. I'd hate for our players to think ANYONE, had any doubt at all about our participating in the playoffs. GO TOMCATS!!! KICK IT :sssh:
  6. 3 wishes, I would like to invite you to Putnam Statium Nov 1 against Greenup Co as our guest. It should be a very exciting game and we want to extend our hospitality to you. Everyone should experience our beautiful facility. Thanks to all those that continue the upkeep and long hard work maintaining. To all those other compliments we appreciate the nice things stated here. See we really are great peope here in Ashland. GO CATS
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