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  1. Went yesterday to the water company resv., caught bass all day on tube jig, biggest 5 3/4 lbs. on average between 2 and 3 lbs.
  2. Went this past Sat. to Beaver Lake in Anderson Co. Caught a bunch of sun! The water is still a little cold, about 51 degrees.
  3. El Nino, as I stated in an earlier post a district game boycott CAN happen as was the case with Dunbar in Lexington. Up until this past season they forfieted 2 games each season against Lex. Catholic until the KHSAA moved them to a new district. The odds are that Trinity would win their district anyway so it would just be one loss to each team in the district. I hope that the schools in Jefferson Co. don't take up this mentallity also.
  4. I'm sorry kyfootball you are correct about the coaches, it is the AD's that are pushing the boycott. I know that both Dom Fucci and Steve Chandler want to ply Lex. Cath. and were told the same thing. As far as it being the round ball that is holding things up , before Hanney left he had a number of meetings with the powers that be in the Fayette system but they wanted everything short of Lex. Cath. saying they would lose every game to the public schools in Lex. on purpose. The stipulations that were put on Lex. Cath. to end the boycott were beyond reason so Haney just walked away. As was stat
  5. El Nino, You say it's just a rumor and it will never happen, well I hate to tell you but it is a reality here in Lexington. It can and probably will happen in the Ville also. If you polled the students in the public schools in Lex. the majority would say they want to play ALL the private schools here in Lexington. When you get adults or so they call themselves involved in deciding who gets to play who sometimes egos get in the way. By that I mean that some of them still think they are the ones playing and won't let go of the I was a high school star way back when memories. We need to remember
  6. kyfootbal, I'm talking year end and year out Lex. Cath. is contending for the state title in most sports. To think they can win it every year is unrealistic but to contend every year is pretty good. This is not what the post is about it's about how this will help or hurt the public schools. I still say it hurts because the public schools won't be playing the top competetion. Until this past year it hurt Dunbar in baseball because they would not play Lex. Cath. and they were in the same district which resulted in 2 forfiets each season. The KHSAA solved that problem for Dunbar by switching them
  7. If I understand the way Jefferson Co. is now, you can go to any school , make that public school, out of district or in and can play any sports. Look at PRP in baseball, they are a power every year and I don't hear the public schools complaining about them, Male in football and basketball. Guru you are correct, they are shooting themselves in the foot over this and will do nothing but hurt them. Lex. Cath. has proven this. I guess sometimes you can't see the forrest for the trees !
  8. Nothing better than frying them in Kentucky Colonel flour and then using the grease left over to make milk gravy and bisquits!
  9. Mr. Network, I consider that a TRUE Browns fan !
  10. Come on Mr.Network, at least CheerNBhappy is proud enough to list she was born in the great KY. even though she lives in Tenn. ! I think 98NCC is a spy for the Bungles and is scouting out J-LO of UK for the Bungles next QB ! Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!
  11. guru, you don't have to take ribbing from an Ohio boy do you? ha ha !
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