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  1. Head coach Jeremy Noel resigned from his head coaching position at Lincoln County on May 11. He was hired back in 2019. Athletic director Tim Estes says the search for a new head coach will begin July 1st.
  2. The interior journal, Stanford’s hometown newspaper, said she was given an ultimatum. She could resign or other measures would be taken. Not sure why. I thought she was an amazing head coach and I think it took all of us from Lincoln by surprise.
  3. Hello folks. I am trying to put together a list of all of the head coaches from Casey County. Below is the list that I have so far. Can anyone help me fill the rest out? Thanks! 1988 Adam Lindsey (1-9) 1989-1993 Boyd Randolph 1994-1998 Aubrey Pennington (1-?) 1999-2000Steve Stonebraker (10-10) 2001-2010 Andy Stephens (35-71) 2011-2015 Sam A. Marples (20-35) 2016 - Steve Stonebraker
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