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  1. Why not Cov Cath? It is a great school and offers all that those 2 schools do...maybe it is actually closer to to your home than those other schools...maybe it is just the right fit for that child. Isn’t that what it is ultimately about? As parents don’t we just want our kids to be in a highschool that they can be happy, get a good education and grow...and if the basketball program is solid it’s an added bonus. I understand Ohio has different rules...take that up with Ohio Athletic Association. No one is breaking any rules by driving over a bridge into KY to attend a good, private highschool. Out of curiosity, do the people in Louisville have an issue with kids from Indiana attending their private schools?
  2. We do live in a Tri-State area! You can live in 1 state and work in another. You can live in 1 state and go to school in another...what’s the problem? It is interesting to me that the all girl/boy schools in Cincinnati are proud of all the zip codes their students come from and from what I am reading it’s a sore subject in NKY...I don’t get it.
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