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  1. My point was you were at the game, provided game updates and all you had to say was Niece looked more in command of the game and confident on his leg. He scored 39 points while being guarded by possibly the best defender in Ky whom eventually fouls out guarding him (not sure how many fouls were while guarding Niece). He missed maybe 2-3 shots all night from the field while playing the point and running the offense. He also had 6 rebounds. I would at least thought you would have at some point during the game or after the game said Niece had a good game! Only one game and not taking anything away from Collins nor their players. They have amazing talent and are an amazing team that represents the 8th region well throughout the state. I just thought if you were going to comment on this one game, you would have mentioned he played a pretty good game!
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