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  1. Getting some ice pellets right now in Southern Campbell County. This isn't the type of ice that will stick to anything. But the roads will definitely be in bad shape. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, nWo said:

    The other thread for radar is not working. I'm posting this as a temporary fix. The second round is about the enter western Kentucky.


    How's the track of this storm playing out so far? Pretty much as you expected so far or has it shifted east or west? The last I saw it shifted west and had Indiana getting the worst of the snow. 

  3. 1 hour ago, nWo said:

    Sunday evening update.

    The models are showing a little shift to the north of the track of this system. Also the possible snow accumulations have increased for western Kentucky. Both models are showing 8-10 inches from western Kentucky northeast to the Cincinnati/NKY area. There appears to be an increase also in the possible freezing rain accumulations which both models pretty much agree on. Some could receive up to around 3/4 of an inch of freezing rain accumulations.











    The latest Winter Storm Severity Index is showing major impacts in western Kentucky, Owensboro, Bowling Green, and Louisville areas. Also areas due south of Owensboro down to the Tennessee State line. A large portion of the state could see moderate impacts while southeastern Kentucky is now under minor impacts. There is still some uncertain to the track. As everyone can see if the track shifts to the south the possible snow accumulation will increase.




    This is a potential dangerous situation as any wintry precipitation may last a while as temperatures are really not forecast to get about freezing till the weekend. Also there appears to be another potential major system to affect Kentucky late Wednesday into Thursday. I will post more on that tomorrow night. Updates on this system will come in the morning.

    If you haven't already I suggest everyone waste no time on preparing for the possible loss of power and maybe not being able to travel for a couple of days.

    Thanks NWO for the updates. No rest for the weary! I filled up the gas and propane tanks. Got plenty of water and food. I hope everyone is prepared for this. 3/4 inch of ice accumulation is something that needs to be taken very seriously!

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  4. 38 minutes ago, TheDeuce said:

    By 2-5% effective, are you saying wearing a mask only reduces your chance of getting the virus by 2%? There’s no way anyone really believes that. 

    There are real scientific based studies that agree with exactly what I've posted. They're posted in the Coronavirus forum. Check them out and follow the science. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Voice of Reason said:

    True, no one knows how effective. But everyone should realize and accept masks are effective on some level. You agree on that. The question to you is what level of effectiveness would cause you to agree to wear a mask when around others in public even if it isn't required?

    Good question. I'd probably go with a figure around 25% effective for me to start wearing masks everywhere (I wear them to a number of public places already...grocery stores and basketball practices). 


    Every mask study I've seen speaks to masks being 2-5% effective. That percentage won't put a mask on me. Everything that I've seen that says masks work have been opinion based and not based on significant scientific knowledge. 


  6. 38 minutes ago, TheDeuce said:

    So you don't know how effective they are, but you know they aren't effective enough for you to wear one?

    Sound logic. 

    The spike in numbers speak in my defense and nobody knows how effective masks are. Nobody.

  7. 26 minutes ago, GrantNKY said:

    So you think the masks work for the flu but not for Covid even though they are spread in the exact same way? I think it was @Voice of Reason who quoted the other day, “Only a sith speaks in absolutes.” We’re not dealing with absolutes. Its not masks work 100% of the time. They don’t. But just because something doesn’t work 100% of the time doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all. That’s the grey area. That’s why it takes a communal effort to slow this down. 

    That's a horrible take and contrary to everything I've said since the start. I've never spoken in such a way. @Voice of Reason wouldn't agree with my takes on this, but I'm sure VOR will have my back regarding the "speaking in absolutes" comment. 

    I will speak in an absolute and say that masks aren't effective enough for me to wear one everywhere. Success is measured in different ways. Let's say masks are 5% effective. Is that good enough for you to wear one? Because it isn't for me. 

  8. I might be able to agree with mask effectiveness against the flu. The only thing I'm not buying is we have no clue if we've hit our flu season yet. Sometimes it is later (February/March).


    The jury is still out on effectiveness for Covid though. We’ve had masks since March. We didn't peak until late April. Then November hits and our numbers have been surging since. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, GrantNKY said:

    Weaker flu strain. It’s a weak flu season in general because of the other precautions being taken to prevent Covid. We’ve never seen flu numbers like this before. It’s just a mere coincidence that in the year of Covid that we have record breakingly low flu numbers? I don’t know about that one brother. 

    Ok. Let's say that masks are working for flu. It wouldn't appear that masks are working for Covid. Can we agree with that? Or is Covid spiking because we aren't wearing masks. I'm confused, because some are saying we have record low flu numbers because masks are being worn. Then we have others saying Covid is spiking because people aren't wearing masks enough. I don't see how you can have it both ways. 


  10. Weak flu season... as in the flu strain is weak this year. We don't have a clue if masks are effective with the flu because we have no idea of how prevalent the flu strain is. 

    We do know that Covid is prevalent. We know that at a minimum in public settings masks are being worn nearly religiously. Yet numbers are climbing everywhere. We can blame spread on the private setting all we want but Covid is making its way in the private setting despite distancing orders, work from home, distance learning, and masks.

    I don't think you can sell the effectiveness on masks based on low flu numbers while Covid runs rampant. 

  11. 26 minutes ago, GrantNKY said:

    Pre 2020 

    -The flu was an issue 


    -Covid is an issue 

    -We have mask mandates 

    -Covid is still a problem but we have no idea how much bigger of an issue that it would be without masks at all 

    - The Flu isn’t an issue 


    So the flu which in normal years is a big issue. The flu is not as bad as Covid but is spread in the same manner. I don’t see how people can logically say in the same breath that the flu not being a problem isn’t almost definitive proof that masks clearly mitigate a lot of the risks of contagious airborne diseases. The proof is right in front of you. Masks work. Nobody is saying they’re perfect. But if you can’t extrapolate the data on the flu this year and the extra precautions we are taking to prevent a very similar but more impactful disease and not come to the conclusion that these precautions are clearly mitigating the risks, I don’t know what to say. It’s as baffling to me as someone saying the answer to 1+1 is 3. 

    Well for one, you can't say it's a weak flu season and say that masks work because look at the low flu numbers in the same breathe either. 

  12. 25 minutes ago, TheDeuce said:

    Like I said, even if we pretend everyone is wearing masks in public, they are still gathering  on their own and not wearing masks which completely defeats the purpose. 

    Then all sports athletes, pro all the way down to instructional should be wearing masks when they're playing or shutdown completely. Kansas sent a guy on the court against UK that had symptoms but I guess tested negative before the game. Still seems insensitive given what has transpired over the course of this year. 


    Seems maybe some are taking this more seriously then others. We get to watch our celebs and athletes carry on, but I can't get my kids in a classroom while wearing a mask. It would seem some others need to feel the weight and responsibility but selfishly they get to carry on. Too many inconsistencies... it irritating to watch sports right now knowing my kids can't even get in a classroom while wearing a mask. I don't need to lecture anyone on how well my 10 and 7 year old are doing with tech based learning. We all know that tech based learning is failing across the country.


    As far as mask wearing in private, that will never be controlled. Never. 

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