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  1. Umm...no brainer for both. First losing season for the John since 2001. That's enough for us. The only way this will be figured out is if they fire the head coach. I've been around football long enough to see who's the problem. How lost did this team look? This is one touchy subject. There is simply a rebellion going on here. First, you can't blame your players for your short comings over, over, and over. What do you think they go around repeating or tweeting? This group of kids have never lost and neither has the program like this. This place has became a dismal embarrassment. How can you tell a kid that they can't play then all of a sudden he's playing at the game? Kids notice these type of actions. I know for a fact John is losing three of their starters next year, they WILL BE headed to another school. I also know some kids are thinking about not playing. I can't recommend anyone to attend there anymore and nor will I. I've known a lot of these kids since rec league. Witherspoon quit because of the coach. North Hardin's starting freshman back left John Hardin because of the new coach and Coach Lewis leaving according to his unc and aunty. The starting fullback wanted to quit because of the coach, he missed tons of practices. He also played a game traveling without the team, SMH! This upset some of the parents and the younger kids, HELLO we pay attention. The seniors and Coach Lewis saved him from quitting and many more. Another fullback quit, he simply wasn't feeling it, plus another starter quit. Add a dozen of kids who quit or wanted to quit. There is no discipline going on here. As the military says, the hardest part is watching them walk away. In the players eyes this place is no longer fair and the discipline is worse. Only a few players get the attention and not the deserving ones doing the correct things. Military minded here but what you do or allow for one you have and MUST do for all. SMH! The school had an event at school a few weekends ago and the kids didn't want to go because of the coach was going. Also, when suspensions start happening from bucking the system, bucking the so called "status qou", two things will happen; kids will naturally quit, or second they'll quit on the coach. They just aren't feeling it. The kids simply don't like what's being said because they know it's not going to work. Mix the negative environment, blame game, and you have a train wreck on your hands. This program is about to blow all the way up, say swear. Swear! Add all of this with the dismal lost look of the team and lack of organization. Especially offensively, YIKES. If we had three time outs we'd try and use five! Go to the gym, Golden Carroll, Walmart, the cafeteria at HRC, or even church and you'll hear the choir singing at the top of their lungs. We lost to North for the first time at their place since 2005. John Hardin isn't use to the season ending early either or losing, this isn't 2001! This is what has most on edge. It was our first time since 2004 losing in the first round, and when that happened it was to Male. The other time we lost in the first round it was to Saint Xavier. We had our first losing season since 2001, SMH!!!!! Do you people realize this? In 2001 we loaded the buses up everyday after school with their equipment to go to a former high school everyday that year. Seven straight region titles, 8 in the history, and region champions or runner up 11x !!!!!! The fastest team to to 100 wins. This team was absolutely loaded with some of the best talent in recent years and better than anyone in the area. We've played in big games! No Saint Xavier, Male, Christian County, Bowling Green, or Highlands roadblock. I thought this team would be like the 06 team but we lacked a quarterback, barely lost in the second round though. But more so like the 07 team wit Camper, Parker, Gatewood, Orlando, Denham bothers, and Dom Beezy. The Livers boi is an even better mold of Camper or Savoy, just ask them. Lorenzo Reinheimer was better than Diaz, Morehead, Grant, Cadillac, and compared him to Dominic Lewis. We haven't been shutout since 2004, and never EVER at home. Now as far as the Trojans we don't ever worry about dem. It is alarming we lost beast mode to them. Still SMH! I'm afraid to say that trend will now keep occurring. There is an echo ringing. Some people also don't feel welcomed at that place no more. Jerm did apply for the job. Still SMH!!!!! I know I can't believe everything on FB or in church gossip but dang. Back to the question, YES both guys have to go. Give dem the boot and out of misery. They simply aren't going to get it done. The facts are the facts and a loser is a loser. Hooray! With those silver wings upon his chest tell America that they not one of the best! Yes I'm biased and yes I'm proud!!!! To much dang SMH around here. WE ARE JOHN HARDIN! I can't tell these two programs apart anymore
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