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  1. And 14 of Campbell 40 was with Running clock against Sk plus that game was a month ago PIONEER NATION is Coming this the Year 2017 State Champion #1.
  2. Sk will score more than 24 if TrInity has the Penalties they did last night ,Remember Campbell only scored 19 on Eastern, Camels scored 13 on Trinity last night?
  3. Starting Defense played well against Ballard they bring that again Trinity they make it interesting and Sk has the best Kentucky offense Trinty will face.
  4. Rocks will win this one but CAMELS WILL SCORE I’ll say 49-7.
  5. Interesting Thread Who Would win Covington Catholic or Trinity Opinions?
  6. Going be cheering for Camels in this one Campbell County needs to get the run going early and the Rocks offense be a know show go Camels from Clorine Menifee Stadium.
  7. If Trinity and SK both win this week. SK will have to travel to Louisville to face Trinity.
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