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  1. Well, things just continue to evolve in this young basketball season. Pendleton is a pretty good team. Robertson is probably better than they looked last night. That loss might lull some future opponents into a false sense of over-confidence. Mason gets a W. Bracken probably in the same boat as Robertson. See thoughts above. Montgomery gets a W over Bourbon. Brossart quietly chocking up some Ws. Paris struggling early. Rank: (spaces indicate my perceived gap) Campbell GRC Scott Pendleton Robertson the rest of the pack...who will emerge? Your thoughts?
  2. 1. Beechwood looks like the real deal, beating Scott and Brossart. 2. I am surprised; I thought the D1 transfer to Silver Grove would move the needle more. 3. Mason still trying to figure it out. Nice W for Bourbon. 4. Campbell back on track. 5. GRC good win over Madison Central. 6. Paris over MoCo...again. 7. Pendleton +35 W in a district game. 8. Robertson continues to look like the real deal. What balance! 9. Scott handles Harrison.
  3. Hmmm. Not too sure about the "toughest district". Still looks to me like a two horse race until until the second tier show us something. I think the 40th might be the most balanced top to bottom this year. And with what Robertson showed last year, the 38th looks to have three contenders.
  4. Pendleton County (Falmouth, KY) Pendleton County Radio Online (PCRO) Listen Live - Pop Up Player | PCRO RADIO Mobile Device - p4mo.com/pcro-radio/pcrolisten/ TuneIn - PCRO Radio | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn
  5. Went just like a regional game should! Both teams played hard.
  6. I know SC is really good, but this is tournament time in Kentucky...I've seen a lot of crazy over the years.
  7. 96-71 PC. Final. Sullivan breaks single game 3 record with 10.
  8. Moran has hit 4 treys. Keeping Calvary in the discussion.
  9. Clos a warrior. MC needs a little more toughness/ grit. CC with R Jolly =tough to beat.
  10. Wow. CC comes storming back with 3s and inbound press. 67-60 CC, under 5 min to go.
  11. CC struggling without R Jolly. MC good adjustments to take the driving lanes away from Clos. Lofton doing a nice job finding his teammates.
  12. A very scrappy Belfry team. PC had to grit it out.
  13. Expected tough road environment for PC. Game has a regional semi feel. Both teams executing. PC with a few more options.
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