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  1. Guess you can't reason with everyone. I'm truly sorry that I didn't donate some tissues to be left at the exit door of the Igloo. Sounds like you and several others could use a box or two. "The lion never loses sleep to the opinions of sheep." Enjoy that second place trophy!
  2. Amen! I can guarantee there wouldn't be any ref smearing or excuses made on Augusta's part if they had lost.
  3. I love how when every time Mason gets beat they come out of the woodwork to whine, pout and make excuses. You got beat, end of story. And sorry to say you don't have too many "haters." People do hate Mason's attitude, disrespect and everything else negative I have mentioned. Very few Mason Countians have it in them to show an ounce of respect for other athletic programs accomplishments. You reap what you sow and respect isn't given, it's earned and Mason does a poor job of it. Success is all a matter of perception I suppose. Mason has failed several of the youth in our area by allowing such poor sportmanship and lack of integrity in the game of life on and off the court. Gauge succes however you like but I'll take Augusta's success any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  4. Nah, I took my chances! Lol I'll have to give it to Bracken, they did a fantastic job at managing last nights crowd compared to years past. Everything went fine.
  5. And let's continue the conversation about fouls for a moment. There most certainly is a pattern associated with the fouls or lack thereof from Augusta.......they don't play a rough game. It doesn't matter who they play they try very hard to keep fouls down. Mason on the other hand has always had a rough playing style. Unfortunately for them everyone knows it. I would about guarantee the fouls called on both teams last night are close in line to every game they've played this year when you get to looking at stats. So to the people who are bitter and choose to talk out of their behind lets leave it at this - Augusta played a harder, smarter game last night. Period.
  6. Bj What else are you Mason county people going to whine about! No wonder everyone in the state cheers against you! You really think the refs kept mason from gaining a 20 point lead? Give me a break! Maybe if their program would focus more on athletics rather than smoking dope and thieving they might get somewhere!! I must also add another point. Mason's fan section, players as well as coaching staff are very unsportsmanlike. It's a little pathetic when you have an assistant coach saying derogatory things to opposing players!! Augusta is a class act, hard working bunch of boys who have worked their tails off to get where they are. People still downplay Augusta's success. Well let me tell you, 3 out of 4 year District Champions isn't a fluke. Doesn't matter where they play, who they play or who is coaching them they don't know how to quit. They will push and claw back for as long as they can.
  7. Say what you will but crazier things happen everyday. Edit: of course by your username I can only assume that you have no problem with the seating because you want the games to be held at Bracken. Only Bracken people can find a way to justify holding Districts there. There are a few who fuss that playing every year at The Fieldhouse gives Mason a home court advantage. Well that philosophy didn't work too well for Bracken last night now did it? Apparently logistics and a little common sense are lost in these threads sometimes.
  8. I totally agree. Myself and many included can obviously put up with some of the headaches associated with attending a packed game at Bracken. But you know, it's all fun and games until you have a section of bleachers collapse. I think it gets to a point where it's kind of irresponsible to have that many people in such a small gym. I'm sure many remember the Augusta/Mason game at Bracken a couple years back. May have been an Augusta/Bracken game, I can't recall for sure. Anyhow, there were people piled on top of one another in the walking isles of the bleachers. That's a little much in my opinion. I expect something similar Thursday night.
  9. Thursday's game attendance will be wild to say the least. It will take some strategic planning for those who choose to attend.
  10. Always thought it was ridiculous to have Districts at Bracken. The Fieldhouse is the only way to go. You have to get to the igloo before the doors open to even get a seat. I hate to tell people this but us who work usually don't get off till 5 or 6. As someone else mentioned it puts families in a rush and lowers attendance I think. And believe me if you have a game worth watching it doesn't matter if it's at Bracken or Mason. The atmosphere will be fantastic regardless. With all that said they do well with what they have.
  11. My thoughts exactly. You may have said it more eloquently than I did ;-)
  12. As they say, everyone has an opinion. What happens next year is just that, next year. There is no excuse for bracken not to have a better season because there is stiff competition graduating in 2016. No question Crawford can be tough but it has been proven time and time again that one player can't carry the team. It seems that all too often some coaches get a free pass. When a team defeats a tough opponent during a close game, coach is praised. When the same team is defeated the players are blamed. It's just comical to me, no matter if you're missing a key player or not. Missing a starter can be detrimental to a teams performance but the coaching staff must make adjustments.
  13. Great game to watch and well executed win by the Panthers! The Refs were really liking Crawford. They made him look like a superstar tonight and Bracken still couldn't come home with a W. I'd also like some help with directions. Where is this "Hinson Magic" many have talked about on here for years? I just can't seem to find it. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction?
  14. It isn't just basketball.......Mason County School system is out of control all together; from top to bottom. As pertaining to sports, many players have left and many good players and families looking to move have refused to go there and settled elsewhere. I'm not sure why any parent would want their child to attend Mason County. It truly is sad but when you allow rough individuals to call the shots with no disciplinary actions you reap what you sow.
  15. No problem. Unfortunately you are correct with that statement.
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