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  1. Of course we do not have the right to do whatever we want, whenever we want on someone else's private property. The article is about a man being asked to leave a business because he was praying. My point, praying, no one can control me praying because it's inside of me, even on private property. They can ask me to leave their property but they can't stop me from praying. I am the one who decides when I pray.
  2. Sorry, I guess I am missing your point. I didn't say anything else, I said pray.
  3. We have always taught our boys they can pray anywhere, anytime, and no one can stop them. I firmly believe this to be true. We do not have to pray out loud to be heard by God. We are not practicing anything we are praying to God. If you throw me out because I closed my eyes and prayed, no problem, I'll pray for you and take my business someplace else.
  4. I love the comparison to 17 lb bowling ball. During my weight loss/eating better journey my husband suggested I go into a store, every few weeks, and lift a weight equal to the weight I had lost. This really made an impression on me and made it real. It was a great motivator that helped me lose over 50 pounds.
  5. Blue and black in this picture. I also saw this posted on FB and I saw white/gold in one pic, blue/black in another.
  6. I didn't watch the entire movie until I had children because of her and those monkeys. No lie.
  7. We loved it. What stuck out to me was the strong work ethic the families had and how they taught their children this work ethic. I keep pointing out to my son how these boys worked (hard work) before and after school but still found time to participate in a sport. The sport did not drive their schedules. I saw an interview with the three Diaz brothers and they continue to impress me on how they give back to the community.
  8. It's official, just registered for my first half for the month of May. :banana: I need more daylight to run 4 days a week. Also registered for a 10k in February, must stay on track.
  9. They forget the words "by volume".
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