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  1. Scecina was a much better team than they showed against Beechwood...lost 25-13. However in that game it was very clear to me they were very well coached and had a good group of athletes to build around...the line was very suspect to me..looked very sloppy. They did have 4-5 very good skilled players I thought. Some intresting facts about Scecina and the 2002 year... 1- they were 9-4 2-they lost to a 15-0..(29-7) 3A title team in Indiana 3- lost to a semi state team in 1A ...1st week of the year. 4-lost to KY 1A runner-up..Beechwood 5-lost to the eventual state runner-up in the semi finals in 2a. 6- They knocked off teams in the 2A playoffs with a combined record of 31-1...not sure how good those teams were but...I agree they obviously did improved a great deal after week 1 and 2 !!! They started 0-2. Z5
  2. Good point...I am a big Beechie follower and the last 3 teams if i was to rank them from the last 20 they would fall somewere between 15 and 20.:( Z5
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