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  1. Was kicked off team. Whether or not he chooses to transfer may or may not come. But was told Coach E wasn't going to deal with his attitude and lack of showing up to practice and sent him packing.


    Real shame. Could have been a great player but clearly never there mentally.


    Once again, footballfan18 thinks he is in the know......


    Once again, footballfan18 is completely WRONG!


    Come on footballfan18, you are better than this!

  2. Same kid who has run it the past two seasons... Liam Rabe.


    Unless they move him to the 2 and let Hunter Meyer run the point. It will probably be a mix. Dixie will need Rabe's shooting next season.


    I like Meyer being on the court. Hopefully, he gets a shot at running the point on varsity next year. I thought he did a good job at PG for JV. Kid has a big upside, looks like he is about 6'2" and still growing. Does he play football? What position?

  3. Pleading guilty to physical harassment of a coach doesn't scream "great guy" to me. Don't know him and probably never will.


    I don't know the ends and outs of what occurred and I don't want to get involved, however, I believe diversion is what Jeff received.....


    When I look up diversion, it states: Diversion programs give defendants a way to manage the charges against them without going to trial or pleading guilty.


    From what I have gathered is this.......

    Issue = Who they hire in the NDA volleyball program

    Result = Diversion for Jeff

  4. Wow WXYZ, seems you have a serious ax to grind with Mr. Klare. Sounds like you are extremely close to the situation.


    His daugther committed to Xavier on a full ride volleyball scholarship I believe. I heard it was her playing time (or lack there of) at NDA that was the root of the problem, do you know who was playing ahead of her? She must be really good, has she committed to play in college? Where does she play club ball?

  5. This thread would not even be happening if Mike L would let it go.He continues to make a fool of himself when Holmes plays CCH somehow trying to prove something to CCH.

    There is no reason for him to yell at the CCH coaches & players during the games.I'm sure he doesn't act like that when Holmes plays other teams.


    I agree 100% KyBigHorns!


    Having known a couple young men that played for both Coach Listerman and Coach Ruthsatz at Cov Cath, they told me it was night and day difference playing for Ruthsatz as opposed to Listerman. I can tell you for a fact that they loved their time playing for Coach Ruthsatz and not so much for Listerman.


    In my opinion, there are two sides to Coach Listerman, first is the man, and a good man at that (off the court) and then there is the coach. The 'Coach' Listerman leaves a lot to be desired and it continues to show through with his behavior on the Holmes bench when Holmes plays against Cov Cath.

  6. .......


    CovCath goes 25-1 and undefeated in KY with only 1 of the top 12 players in NKY? Heck of a job by Coach Ruthsatz. :thumb:


    And Dixie, Campbell Co and Ryle each get two players...... It must have been the coaching MentschoikkemoiweijkhklioedodwksifmdmodaoifLacht!


    All very good players listed....


    In DII, NCC got 4!

  7. To be clear- there has been no "decision" made on where he - and a great many other players for that matter- are playing. Spring practice will help iron a lot of the position jockeying.


    Bluedad - When does 'spring practice' start? Is there a spring game? If so, do you know when?

  8. Agreed. James Bolden won last year as a sophomore.


    To me, Ruthsatz and McDonald are 1 and 1a. You can't go wrong with either option.


    Just my opinion, however, I would defer to the senior, all things being equal.


    The intangibles they both bring to the game separate them from their competition.

  9. He is my favorite this year for POY. Even if Drew is not the team high scorer, NCC wins because of Drew.


    Agreed, however, I think since he is a junior he will have to wait a year for his POY. That and the fact Ruthsatz has had an incredible year.


    Ruthsatz will be POY this year (McDonald runner up)

    McDonald will be POY next year.

  10. This was the first Freshman Regional Tournament I have seen and BIG KUDOS to CCH for 'Doing it up right!'.


    Impressive tournament from start to finish and last night was definitely the icing on top of the cake.


    From the light show, to the smoke, to having just about ALL the coaches (exception Holmes who had a game) there to present the All Tournament Team awards to their players.


    It was very very impressive and CCH couldn't have attached a better name to the tournament than Mr. Jack Kaelin!


    Great Job to all involved!

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