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  1. The answer is they don't benefit financially. Right or wrong you don't benefit financily on divisive topics . They took a stand more power to them. But Kate is wrong on the business side.


    Forbes Welcome


    The NBA is trying to target the LGBQT market. This decision to move the game, Adam Silver walking in Pride Parades, the public support of Jason Collins; the NBA monetizes these decisions, IMO. If this represented any significant economic risk, they wouldn't get involved.


    Charlotte estimates moving the NBA's All-Star Game out of the city means a loss of $1 million - Jul. 22, 216


    It seems like the NBA is aligning with some major businesses and potential partners. Charlotte is losing a ton, but there no mention of economic ramifications for the NBA.


    NBA to move All-Star Game over N.C. law - CNN.com


    Turner Broadcasting, a major partner, supports the decision to move the game. Cities are clamouring to get the game moved to their city. The NBA has mentioned moving the game back to Charlotte in 2019 to appease the Hornets.


    I readily admit that I may be missing something, but everything I am reading seems to support low economic risk for the league and potential economic gains.

  2. This is the slippery slope I was talking about. How do you justify having events in some of these foreign countries and do this to NC.


    They have every right to do it. But they created a bigger controversy than the one they tried to avoid.


    Time will tell , I just don't think it was smart business.


    Sports leagues have partnered with China and Mexico for years without any controversy or issue. This is an extremely low risk financial move for the NBA, IMO.


    Time will tell, as you said. I feel like time has passed enough on the NBA's foreign partnerships to know that there is zero issue, economically.

  3. What sponsors were leaving ?


    I don't know. I'm not on the inside. I would imagine that you can ask the same question now that the game has been moved, no? Have any Charlotte-based businesses pulled sponsorships of the NBA?


    I imagine that any LGBQT sponsorships or potential partners as well as LGBQT fan dollars were the motivation. Growth in this sector has to be considered an opportunity for the NBA on the back of Jason Collins a few years back. JMO.

  4. I say keep politics out of it. This is like :poop: on the NBA fans in Charlotte. JMO, but I'm sure I'll get raked for this opinion.


    Hard to keep the politics out of this decision due to the economics. LGBQT money is just as green and I don't think the NBA wants to alienate this portion of their fans- not to mention the potential negative PR if the game was kept in Charlotte.


    I 100% agree that this does suck for the fans in Charlotte, though.

  5. Actually a great night of fights...the least amount of action came from Jones vs. OSP. Mighty Mouse KO'd Cejudo in impressive fashion. That KO will have a tough challenge from Yair Rodriguez's head kick KO (crane kick, no can defend!) for KO of the night. Barbosa was darn impressive and Whittaker vs. Natal was non-stop action! Jones' body slam of OSP in the fourth round was impressive, but otherwise he just outclassed OSP with his leg kicks and volume of strikes.

  6. The only way this becomes a viable option for the top, potential one and done guy is if:


    1. You know you want to be a one and done guy, but you miss your senior year of high school for any reason (injury, transfer eligibility, etc.). See Skal Labissiere.




    2. If you know you are going to have eligibility issues in the NCAA. See Thon Maker.


    I still think NCAA basketball is your best option,followed by a professional foreign league.

  7. A lot of awful here, IMO...


    1. It is likely that he got this gig, in part, based on your mom's legacy and this will be associated with her name as the news comes out with this story.


    2. You have made the opportunity decidely more difficult for the next young, male coach that is seeking an opportunity to be the head of a women's program.


    3. Talk about a breech of trust from a person in a position of power.

  8. I'd be shocked if that were true. Ft. Worth "proper" is a pretty swanky place. Any time there is a big event in "North Texas" (Super Bowl, BCS Bowl, Final 4, etc.), ESPN sets up shop in Sundance Square which is in downtown Fort Worth rather than Dallas.


    As someone that has lived in Ft. Worth for 8 years, I'm here to tell you that your perception of Ft. Worth doesn't match the reality.


    ESPN sets up in Ft. Worth because it is closer to Arlington, where the new Cowboys stadium is located, than Dallas, it is close to DFW airport and hotels are cheaper in Ft. Worth- at least I'd bet that is why.


    Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city? - CNNMoney


    Keep in mind, this site doesn't take into account the lack of a state income tax in Texas.

  9. I don't know how he expects to have an easier time recruiting at TCU with so many good programs to compete with. Texas A&M is rising to new heights. Brown has SMU established even though they had their hand slapped recently. Shaka Smart will get Texas back to where they were during the Barnes golden years. I'm sure I'm leaving out another tough school or coach to recruit against.


    I think there is enough talent in Texas to go around. The big deal is keeping Cal and others from pilfering 5 star guys like the Harrisons and Fox.

  10. I'm pretty sure TCU can, at worst, match Pitt on money if not outspend them. Cost of living is lower in Ft. Worth, I believe. Recruiting Texas is easier than recruiting the ACC at Pitt. Throw in that this was his alma mater and it is no wonder the purples were so sure they would get him.


    Good move for Dixon. I'm not sure Pitt can do much better- is Ben Howland available to come back to Pitt? Maybe this is the opening for Brad Underwood.

  11. I don't know why he would. How embarrassing to go from potential top pick to buried on the bench.


    If he came back, I think he'd not only play, but he would shine because he would fill in at the 3 instead of playing in the post. He would fill a Trey Liles-type role.

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