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2023 Player Spotlight/interview with Amare Martin from Murray High School

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Amare Martin

Murray High School:

Positions played:


Class of 2024

How long have you played football, along with the biggest reasons you continue to play? :

I've been playing since the 3rd grade, and growing up watching Calvin Johnson he became my favorite player and made me love the game til this day.

What shocked you the most about the 2022 season?

I was hyped to start the season after beating Mayfield the year before but we had a tough year going 6-6.

What has it been like preparing for the season under the new Head coach, Cunningham?

It has been amazing best Coach by far, he is very different in a good way. He is very hard on us to do the little things to make us better because they matter believe it or not.

Of the two positions you are listed as playing, Linebacker and Wide receiver, Which one do you feel you are best at? :

I feel best at Wide Receiver. I've been playing it my whole life and it really shows how quick you are off the ball and your hands catching the ball.

What is your biggest strength at both positions? :

Well at receiver I have the speed to beat defenders off the line and Have good hands getting off the line against defenders. At Linebacker I can guard my zones really well and I am physical and willing to hit anything that comes.

What game are you looking forward to most this season?
Playing Mayfield for sure

Of all the road games you have played, which stadium do you like the best?

War Memorial Stadium in Mayfield

What have your best and worst moments as an athlete been?:

My best moment is being a part of a winning team my Freshman Year making it far in the playoffs.

The worse was my Sophomore Year starting and being out having a Concussion.

Do you think you and your teammates are role models for the young kids who come and watch you guys play? :

For sure. Every Friday night coming out of the Tiger Cage with the Middle Schoolers and Little League kids they seem really happy about it and hyped about football here.

With this being your last year of high school football, have you prepared any differently?

Yes. I have taken everything even more seriously this year and have been bettering my game this off-season.

If you could change one rule in high school football, what would it be, along with the reason why?
Being able to have an additional timeout that would be helpful in some situations.

What are your personal goals, along with the biggest goals you have set forth for your team?

My personal goals are to do everything I can to do my best this season and to get some Offers! My biggest team goals are to push my team to do their best and have a good season and go get that State Title!

If you have heard from some colleges, can you share with the readers a few of the schools that are looking at you?

I have been to camps this summer but have been invited to game day invites from Campbellsville and Lindsey Wilson.

What was the last book you read?
The Bible.

What scares you?
Haha, this is a funny one but Dogs.

What is a food you enjoy that most others do not? :

Chicken Alfredo. I feel like that is a very underrated meal.

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