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2023 Player Spotlight/interview with Jack Stacy from Belfry

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Jack Stacy

Belfry High

Positions played
Offensive line


What is it like playing for living legend Philip Haywood?
It’s great, he’s a man who’s never put himself first and always helped me become a better man on as well as off the field.

Which game are you most looking forward to this season, along with the reason?
Lawrence County, it’s just a game that’s been on my mind since we last played them.

What are your personal goals along with the goals you have set for the team?
Become stronger and faster, all-state. Strictly win another 3a state championship

Coming off of a tough 6-6 season, including a 3-1 mark in the district, what will the 2023 squad have to change to get back to being the powerhouse Belfry has a history of being?
Work hard and stay close as a team. It’s all about being patient and learning about our team and loving the team we’re a part of, once that happens no one can beat us.

If you had to pick one. Would you rather lose to Pikeville and make the state finals or beat Pikeville and lose early in the playoffs?
I hate to say it but lose to Pikeville. Making it to Kroger is our main objective every year.
(I knew this would be a tough but fun question)

Who is the best player you have ever faced, along with the team he played for?
Possibly cutter Boley from LCA this past season.

At 6-4 and 310 pounds, you have the classic size that college coaches love. What must you do on and off the field to get those coaches to notice you more this season?
Eat healthy and work hard in the weight room, mainly getting stronger this off-season.

What type of defensive lineman is the toughest to go up against? Explain.
A short high-weighted defensive lineman. Having to get lower than they are makes a difference, plus they’re typically abnormally strong
What advice would you give that first-year starting lineman right before kickoff of the first game?
Have fun and just do your best. The more you worry the harder the game will be for you. Just keep your mind clear and do what you do.

What has been your fondest memory as far as playing football goes?
Winning state in 21, crazy game, and a crazy atmosphere. That’s why we work so hard to go back to state.

How long have you played football, and what keeps you playing?
Since I was around 5, the relationships/friendships I make along the way are what keeps me going. I love the people and the memories I make along the way. Plus I love the game itself

What did you learn about yourself during the 2022 season that you can use this season to make you a bigger force?
To be humble, we play great individuals and to be the best I can be is to just focus on myself and work hard to be the best I can be .

Where is the go-to local spot to grab a bite?
Gotta be Sazon in Williamson, WV. Their food is always great so shoutout to them.

What is your favorite genre of music?
Has to be rock.

Louisville or Kentucky?
L’s down lol
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