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2023 Player Spotlight/Interview with Jaxon Barker East Carter High School

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Name: Jaxon Barker

School: East Carter High School


Positions played: LB, TE, DL

What have you been able to accomplish during the off-season to make you a better player this season?:
Lifting bigger numbers in the weight room, getting faster, getting more explosive.

With this being your season, are you approaching things any differently?
I’m approaching as a starter this season and making sure I leave everything on the field.

What goals have you set not only for yourself but for the team too?
I wanna make it to state this year and win and become an all-state player and have coaches bat an eye on me.

East Carter finished 6-5 last season, including a four-game winning streak followed by a four-game losing streak. As a unit, what will you guys need to do to have an even better season?
We will have to have a better mindset and better work ethic but this year these guys I’ve played with all my life and their work ethic is insane.

Which win will you remember the most from last season, as well as the loss that hurt the most?
The win I remember most was from West our town rivals. The loss that hurt the most was Lawrence County I played my best game and had 12 tackles as a junior that had to come up because of injury and had to switch from DL.

In watching your HUDL highlights, when you line up as a linebacker, you are super quick getting to the ball. How do you make playing the position lock so easy?
I always have a mindset of attacking the ball and trying to find it as quickly as I can and I wanna be able to be the best on the field.

Who was the best player you faced last season, along with the team he played for, and what made him so tough?
It would have to be number 8 from Lawrence County. What made him so tough was his run game.

How important is spring ball as far as preparing the team for the upcoming season?
Spring ball is important for us to get mentally and physically ready by learning the plays now and getting them like cake later.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you?
Crazy, really energetic, hard-working, very coachable, and a good kid.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a football player?
Getting 13 tackles in one game and four sacks as a linebacker.

Out of all the road games you have played, which stadium has been your favorite? Explain.
My favorite stadium would have to be the Russel Red Devils. The reason is that it’s the closest thing to a college stadium and the atmosphere is crazy.

If you could change one rule in high school football, what would it be?

Have you heard from any college coaches, and if so, could you name some of the schools?
I have been invited to multiple camps. From Kentucky Wesleyan, UPIKE, Murray state.

What have been your favorite and least favorite football memories?
My favorite memories were going to the state playoffs in 2021 and being crazy. My least favorite was losing the first round last year of the playoffs.

What is your favorite song, along with who sings it?
I don’t really have one.



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