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Knox Central 71 Owsley County 69

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Owsley County seemed to have this game under control in Barbourville with double digit leads, as much as 16 a few times, before Knox Central mounted a comeback in the second half. The Lady Owls didn’t help their cause by making entirely too many unforced turnovers, particularly late in the 3rd quarter and early in the 4th. Hanging on to a 65-64 lead with a little over 2 minutes remaining Owsley missed the front end of a bonus and Knox quickly moved downcourt and scored to take the lead and convert a free throw to lead 67-65. Owsley made a bonus pair of free throws to tie at 67. Owsley then got the ball back and was fouled and went to the line to have a chance at going up 2 within the last minute of the game. But Owsley’s player didn’t get the opportunity to shoot her bonus free throw. The ref blew his whistle and called her for a violation for placing the toe of her shoe slightly across the free throw line before the attempt. She didn’t have it across the line as she was ready to shoot, only moved it across and then back behind the line before she prepared to shoot. I have never seen that called before. I’ve seen it called if the foot is on the line or across it while the shot is being taken, but not if it’s done before the shot attempt. I suppose it’s a rule but it’s rare to see it whistled. Regardless it gave the ball back to Knox and they scored to go up 69-67. And finally won 71-69. It was a very tough road loss but will only help the young Lady Owls in the future tournament games in February. 
Owsley County had four players in double figures led by junior guard Carly Smith’s 20.  Knox Central’s sophomore Halle Collins scored 36, 21 in the second half, and was named Player of the Game by local broadcast guys. 

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