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Highlands 10 NCC 0 (District 36th Championship)

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Coach Norris returns and puts on a coaching clinic

Highlands came out fast and furious against the Newport Central Catholic girls.  Highlands wasted no time getting on the board by scoring often putting 2 goals in before the grill at the concessions could get the first batch of burgers off.

The 3 big scorers on the team could not be denied any longer.  Kate Jamie and Claire Cavacini ended up with a Hat Trick, Laney Smith put in 2 herself.  Kate Jamie also had 2 assists, Laney Smith had 2 assists and your Midfield Captain Lindsey Stein had 2 assists.  

Last night was the type of soccer we new Highlands had in them and it is coming together just in the nick of time.  If I traced it back to a game it really was the Lafayette game on Sep 17th when they came up to Tower and the girls just walloped them 5-1.  Sine then Highlands has scored 11, 4, 7, 7, 1, 10 and 10 goals.  I am not good with #s but my Casio says that is 55 goals scored in the last 8 games!!!  And we have given up only 7.  

Going to be a fun Region 9 Tournament if this momentum for the Birds continues.

Glad to finally have the full Coaching staff back together again!

Can't wait to see who we might get in the draw.


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