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Realignment for Northern Kentucky Soccer


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As the district tournaments come to an end tonight and we get ready for the regional tournaments, a thought crossed my mind.  What if the KHSAA realigned the district/regions?  What would it look like?  I know this topic has probably been brought up before, but I thought it might stir some opinionated conversation about who should be where.  Here are my thoughts.

33rd - Boone, Conner, Cooper, St. Henry

34th - Beechwood, Covington Catholic, Dixie Heights, Villa Madonna

35th - Calvary Christian, Holmes, Holy Cross, Scott, Simon Kenton

I would move Ryle to the 32nd district/8th region with Walton Verona and Grant Counties.  My reason for moving Ryle is they are the furthest south school in Boone County school system and could easily jump on Interstate 71 to play the schools in region 8 who are primarily along that route.  

I would then move Highlands and NCC (36th district) to the 10th region.

I know this will probably never happen and I have no specific reason for wanting this happen, just thought it would be interesting if this was to occur.  I always hear the current alignment is to keep schools balanced, but logistically you could have all the Campbell County schools in one region, all the Kenton County schools in one region and then Boone County would have 4 in the 9th and 2 (Ryle/Walton Verona) in the 8th.  Kenton County currently has 6 in the 9th, 1 in the 8th, and 2 in the 10th, all could be changed to the 9th.  I would assume that girls' soccer has something to do with the current alignment, but it's just a thought.  


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