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Ryle 2 Conner 0 (33rd District Tournament)


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It was the best of times for Conner on Sunday, it was the worst of times for Conner on Tuesday. 

Ryle controlled this game from the start.  Around the 6 minute mark Ryle starts the play off a drop ball, moves it to their left then swing it back to their right back  Ryle defender passes up to the mid-fielder and continues his run to receive the ball back touches it past the Conner defender and dribbles inside to the 6 yard box  Conner defenders focus on the dribbler, mid field does not drop back for Conner, Ryle player passes the ball to an open Ryle player standing just outside the 6 yard box, Ryle 1 Conner 0  

Ryle scores again in the first half about 12 minutes later  Conner defending the ball in their third has it deflect off their shin, Ryle player bounces on it, dribbles to the end line again  Conner defense is focused on the dribbler, pass is made to player standing just on the right corner of the goal just about 8 yards from goal….Ryle 2 Conner 0  

Second half Conner parents are hoping the team that played with urgency and fight from Sunday shows up, didn’t see that team  Ryle again controls the game and Conner does hold without giving up another goal  

I was impressed by Ryle, they stay spaced on the field, understand when to make runs and kick the ball with purpose to a teammate  Having seen them twice now they looked better this game than just a few weeks before  If the brackets fall correctly for Ryle, wouldn’t be surprised to see a Ryle/Dixie final with Ryle looking for payback to an earlier season defeat to Dixie.




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