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14th Region Week 12 Review: District Tournament Time

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That was quick. The regular season went by like the blink of an eye. The post season, a.k.a district tournament begins next week. Their was a few changes throughout the season but the top 5 was pretty much intact all season long. With that being said, let's take a look back at week 12, the final week of the 2018/19 regular season in the 14th region and a look ahead at the district tournament previews.


1) Knott County Central (20-9): 91-67 L at Knox Central.

Previous Rank: #1.


The Knott County Central Patriots ended the regular season on a very rough note. They fell to George Rogers Clark on senior night on February 7th. They would get demolished in their final game of the season on the road at Knox Central 91-67.


2) Breathitt County (18-9): 85-63 W at #11 Leslie County, 78-67 L at Newport, 100-69 W vs. Frankfort Christian.

Previous Rank: #2.


Breathitt County ends the season going 2-2 in they're final four games of the regular season. The good news is, Breathitt County has an automatic draw to the district championship and regional tournament due to them being in a three team district.


3) Perry County Central (14-12): 61-51 L at Southwestern, 71-50 W vs. Letcher County Central, 116-41 W vs. Pairist School.

Previous Rank: #3.


The Commodores struggled most of the season but have been gaining steam as late into the season which should be a big boost going into post season play. The Commodores rolled past Letcher County Central 71-50 and Piarist School 116-41. They would put up a fight against Pulaski Southwestern but the Warriors would come out on top 61-51.


4) Hazard (23-7): 55-45 W at Letcher County Central, 65-53 W at Estill County.

Previous Rank: #4.


The Hazard Bulldogs finished the season off with two wins and have won 3 of they're last 4 games. Hazard would derail the Engineers on Estill County's senior night 65-53. Estill County took several leads before Hazard would put the pedal to the metal, going up by as many as 20 before the Engineers would make the score respectable late in the game.


5) Buckhorn (21-9): 70-44 W at #12 Owsley County, 88-45 W vs. Frankfort Christian.

Previous Rank: #5.


Ever since they're back to back losses to Estill County and Leslie County, the Buckhorn Wildcats have been on a rampage, running through all of their opponents on they're way to a 6 win streak that includes wins over #4 Hazard, Prestonsburg among several others. They're 6 wins were split in half, 3 were close, 3 were blowouts.


6) Letcher County Central (17-11): 55-45 L vs. #4 Hazard, 71-50 at #3 Perry County Central,

Previous Rank: #6.


Letcher County Central had been playing good ball all season long but have took a wrong turn. They have lost 2 straight, both by double digits and have lost 3 of their final 4 games. That's not a good thing, especially with #8 Cordia looming next week.


7) Powell County (10-14): 69-63 L vs. Montgomery County.

Previous Rank: #7.


The Pirates dropped their final game of the season, falling 69-63 to Montgomery County. Powell County had been playing good ball most of January and first part of February but have dropped 2 of they're final 3 games.


8) Cordia (8-21): 92-72 L at Harlan County, 73-68 W vs. Southwestern.

Previous Rank: #8.


The Lions struggled all season long but have been playing better lately, winning 3 of they're last 4 games but will that be enough to power them past #6 Letcher County Central in next week's 53rd district tournament?


9) Wolfe County (9-19): 89-83 L at Oneida Baptist Institute, 81-59 L vs. Western Hills.

Previous Rank: #9.


This is a season that the Wolves would like to forget. They haven't had a good season at all. In fact, they have only put up back to back wins, once this season.


10) Estill County (9-19): 78-69 W at Menifee County, 65-53 L vs. Hazard.

Previous Rank: #10.


Estill County split their final two games of the regular season, defeating Menifee County 78-69 on the road before falling to #4 Hazard 65-53 on senior night. The defending 14th region champions have a long way to go to repeat.


11) Leslie County (6-19): 85-63 L vs. #2 Breathitt County, 72-69 L at Oneida Baptist Institute, 2/16 vs. Piarist School - no score reported.

Previous Rank: #11.


The Eagles woes continue as they have dropped two more straight games, running their losing streak to 5 straight games. The Eagles are usually better than this but have had a down season this year.


12) Owsley County (11-16): 70-44 L vs. #5 Buckhorn, 58-54 W vs. #14 Jackson City.

Previous Rank: #12.


The Owls had a good first half of the season but have since dropped off, way off. The Owls have lost 7 of they're final 9 games.

13) June Buchanan (8-20): 45-42 L at Prestonsburg, 69-58 L vs. Magoffin County, 68-41 L at Betsy Layne.

Previous Rank: #13.


The Crusaders have had an awful year. They dropped three straight last week, which ran their losing streak to 4 games. It will probably be 5 games with next week's district game against Knott County Central.


14) Jackson City (7-20): 57-54 W at #15 Lee County, 79-72 L at Burgin, 58-54 L at #12 Owsley County.

Previous Rank: #14.


Jackson City hasn't had the best of seasons this year. They've dropped 2 straight and 6 of they're final 7 games.


15) Lee County (6-24): 57-54 L vs. #14 Jackson City, 89-41 L at Berea.

Previous Rank: #15.


The Bobcats went from a winless team a year ago to a 6 win team this season. The future is very bright for the Lee County Bobcats.


16) Riverside Christian (0-0): No games for Riverside this season.


2018/19 14th Region District Tournament Previews:

53rd District Tournament at Knott County Central - 2/18-2/20:

2/18: 6:00 PM - (1) Knott County Central vs. (4) June Buchanan.

2/18: 8:00 PM - (2) Letcher County Central vs. (3) Cordia.

2/20: 7:00 PM - Championship


Prediction: Knott County Central wins the district, defeating Letcher County Central.


54th District Tournament at Perry County Central (Buckhorn is host) - 2/19-2/22:

2/19: 7:00 PM - (2) Hazard vs. (4) Leslie County.

2/20: 7:00 PM - (1) Perry County Central vs. (3) Buckhorn.

2/22: 7:00 PM - Championship.


Prediction: Perry County Central wins district tournament. It's hard to beat a team three times, but the Commodores can do it.

55th District Tournament at Jackson City and Wolfe County 2/18-2/21:

2/18: 7:00 PM - (2) Wolfe County vs. (3) Jackson City (at Jackson City).

2/21: 7:00 PM - Wolfe County/Jackson City winner vs. (1) Breathitt County (Championship) (at Wolfe County).


Prediction: Bobcats roll. None of other teams in the district have the firepower to keep up with Breathitt County.

56th District Tournament at Owsley County 2/18-2/21.

2/18: 6:00 PM - (1) Powell County vs. (4) Lee County.

2/19: 8:00 PM - (2) Estill County vs. (3) Owsley County.

2/21: 7:00 PM - Championship.


Prediction: Powell County reclaims the district title. Estill County has owned the 56th district tournament over the past several years but Powell County is veteran led not to win the district.



Top 10 Players To Watch:


(1) Jaylin Williams (SR) (Perry County Central): Jaylin transferred in during the season from Scott County and has a made a big impact for the Commodores. He's averaging 6.2 points a game since coming over. Not to mention, he can get up and throw it down. He's already scored 68 points in just a short time.

(2) Noah Back (SR) (Perry County Central): Commodores leading scorer at 20 points a game. He's deadly from 3, shooting 43%. He's already made over 100 3's this season. He gets going, he very well can shoot another district and regional championship trophies back into John C. Combs Arena.


(3) Khali Slone (SR) (Knott County Central): Probably the best player on the Patriots roster. Averaging 13.2 points a game. In just 19 games, Khali has scored 259 points. It would be another tremendous showdown between Khali Slone and Noah Back.


(4) Joe Benton (JR) (Estill County): The newest member of Estill County's 1,000 point club. Joe is the main horse that makes Estill County go, he will likely have the same title next season as well. Averaging 17 points a game. Has scored 30+ points several times this season.


(5) Wade Pelphrey (SO) (Hazard): 400 points scored so far on the season. Probably the best guard in all of the 14th region and he's only gonna get better. Shoots 38% from 3. Hazard will always be in the running for a district and regional title as long as he has a Hazard jersey on.

6) Austin Bennett (SR) (Hazard): Buckhorn transfer. He isn't a big scorer or scoring threat at 6.2 points a game but he's a good defender and he is a key player to Hazard's offense.


7) Colby Napier (SO) (Knott County Central): As a sophomore, he's the second leading scorer on Knott County Central at 13 points a game. Also a good free throw shooter, shooting over 70% on the season. He's gonna be a dandy for his remaining time at Knott County Central.


8) Kyle Fraley (SR) (Breathitt County): Breathitt County's leading scorer at 16 points a game. 50% from 3. Big presences on the inside. He's scored 400 points thus far this season.


9) Jalen Taulbee (SR) (Breathitt County): Second leading scorer for Breathitt County. Averaging 15.9 points a game. He and Kyle Fraley are the only two Bobcats that's averaging double figure scoring. He's clutch when it comes to free throws, shooting 75% 104-138.

10) DaShaun Williams (SR) (Powell County): The Pirates may not be having a good season but DaShaun is probably one, if not, the best point guards in the 56th district, 14th region. He knows what to do with the ball and get's it to where it needs to go in a hurry.

11) Zach Watterson (8th) (Lee County): The best younger players in the entire region. Scoring phenom. Broke Lee County's single game scoring record with 64 points earlier this season. As he gets older, he will put Lee County back on the map.

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