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14th Region Week 11 Review: Movement Among Us

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It's been another outstanding year for Kentucky high school basketball. We have one final week left in the regular season before we head to the main season.


1) Knott County Central (20-8): 93-50 W over June Buchanan, 93-66 W over Cordia, 58-51 L to George Rogers Clark.

This week: 2/14 (Thurs) at Knox Central.

Previous Rank: #1


The Patriots went 2 out of 3 this past week, picking up wins over two district foes, June Buchanan 93-50 and Corida 93-66. The Patriots suffered a not so bad loss to one of the states best in George Rogers Clark, 58-51. The Patriots will have one final opponent/game. It's a tough one as they travel to Knox Central (23-4) on Thursday night.


2) Breathitt County (17-8): 55-54 W at Sheldon Clark, 63-38 L vs. George Rogers Clark (Senior Day).

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at #11 Leslie County, 2/15 (Fri) at #20 Newport, 2/16 (Sat) vs. Frankfort Christian.

Previous Rank: #2.


The Bobcats picked up a big road win this past week, defeating Sheldon Clark in a barn burner 55-54. The Bobcats would pay though as they would get picked apart by George Rogers Clark 63-38 on the Bobcats senior day. Breathitt County should have a decent week this week as they have a chance at picking up three more wins before heading into the 55th district tournament.


3) Perry County Central (12-11): 49-47 W vs. Hazard.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at Southwestern, 2/14 (Thurs) vs. #6 Letcher County Central.

Previous Rank: #3.


The Commodores, who had just one game all of last week, picked up a big win, defeating corsstown rival, Hazard Bulldogs 49-47. Perry County Central will look to stay afloat past .500 with their two games this week.


4) Hazard (21-7): 49-47 L at Perry County Central, 73-63 W vs. Leslie County, 56-55 L at Buckhorn.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at #6 Letcher County Central, 2/15 (Fri) at #10 Estill County.

Previous Rank: #4.


The Bulldogs seem to be losing some momentum as of late. Going 2-3 in their last 5 games. Prior to that, the Bulldogs had gone 19-4 with several long win streaks. Can Hazard get the momentum started back up with two final regular season games next week?


5) Buckhorn (19-9): 94-26 W vs. Pairist School, 63-60 W at Betsy Layne, 56-55 W vs. #4 Hazard.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at #12 Owsley County, 2/15 (Fri) vs. Frankfort Christian.

Previous Rank: #5.


Ever since their back to back losses at #10 Estill County (68-52) and #11 Leslie County (63-58), the Wildcats have been set off like a rocket, roaring past their opponents on to a 4 game win streak that includes a big big win over #4 Hazard. Can Buckhorn keep up the momentum this week with Owsley County and Frankfort Christian the remaining two games on their regular season schedule?


6) Letcher County Central (17-9): 65-52 W at East Ridge, 67-52 W vs. #8 Cordia, 69-55 L at Paintsville, 56-52 W at #8 Powell County.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) vs. #4 Hazard, 2/14 (Thurs) at #14 Perry County Central.

Previous Rank: #6.


As the season end approaches, the Cougars seem to have things figured out. After starting and going most of the way through the season, up and down, the Cougars have put togeather a nice win streak (before the Paintsville loss) and have won 7 of their last 8 games.


7) Powell County (10-13): 73-66 W at #9 Wolfe County, 56-52 L vs. #6 Letcher County Central, 86-59 W vs. Eminence.

This week: 2/12 vs. Montgomery County.

Previous Rank: #8.


Since Coach Dave Fraley retired and Blake Williams took over on interim basis, the Pirates have picked up win after win after win. They had won 5 straight and have won 7 of their last 9 games.That's a good sign as post season is just two weeks away.


8) Cordia (7-20): 67-52 L at #6 Letcher County Central, 93-66 L at #1 Knott County Central, 87-52 W at #14 June Buchanan, 49-48 W vs. Whitley County.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at Harlan County, 2/15 (Fri) vs. Southwestern.

Previous Rank: #7.


Cordia had struggled all season and continues to struggle due to their schedule being so brutal for a small school but the good news is, the Lions are 5-4 in their last 9 games. That's a lot better than what they went through during the seaosn.


9) Wolfe County (9-17): 73-66 L vs. #7 Powell County, 67-64 W vs. #12 Owsley County, 74-50 L at Sayre, 88-72 W vs. #10 Estill County.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at Oneida Baptist Institute, 2/15 (Fri) vs. Western Hills.

Previous Rank: #9.


Wolfe County contiues to struggle like they have all seaosn long. They haven't been able to put up but 1 back to back win this whole season. I got a feeling next week, the final regular season week, won't be too kind to the Wolves.

10) Estill County (8-18): 87-49 L at Pulaski County, 66-52 W at Berea, 88-72 L at #9 Wolfe County.

This week; 2/12 (Tues) at Menifee County, 2/15 (Fri) vs. #4 Hazard.

Previous Rank: #10.


The Engineers started the new year out right and had a decent little run, going 4-2. However, Estill County has fallen off the face of the earth as they have only won 2 games since. They are 2-5 in their last 7 games. They have a rough week ahead of them, especially on senior night when #4 Hazard rolls into town.


11) Leslie County (6-17): 84-74 L vs. Harlan, 88-85 (OT) L vs. Oneida Baptist Institute, 73-63 L at #4 Hazard.

Previous Rank: #11.


Leslie County has dropped three straight and 4 of their last 6 games.


12) Owsley County (10-15): 67-64 L at #9 Wolfe County, 58-44 L at Pineville.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) vs. #5 Buckhorn, 2/15 (Fri) vs. #14 Jackson City.

Previous Rank: #12.


Owsley County is 1-6 in their last 7 games. Includes multiple 3 game losing streaks.

(13) June Buchanan (8-17): 93-50 L at #1 Knott County Central, 74-67 W at Jenkins, 87-52 L vs. #8 Cordia.

This week: 2/11 (Mon) at Prestonsburg, 2/13 (Wed) vs. Magoffin County, 2/15 (Fri) at Betsy Layne.

Previous Rank: #14.


The Cursaders have been playing some decent ball lately, going 2-2 in their last 4 games.


14) Jackson City (6-18): 80-51 L at Menifee County, 67-51 L vs. Phelps, 74-68 L vs. Walden.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) at #15 Lee County, 2/14 (Thurs) at Burgin, 2/15 (Fri) at #12 Owsley County.

Previous Rank: #13.


The Tigers have a had a rough season and it hasn't gotten any better. They have won just 2 games since January 1st. In fact, the Tigers are 2-8 since the new year rang in.

15) Lee County (6-22): 77-72 L at Danville Christian, 86-37 L at Red Bird.

This week: 2/12 (Tues) vs. #14 Jackson City, 2/15 (Fri) at Berea.

Previous Rank: #15.


The Bobcats have struggled this whole season but they have won 6 games, that's more than what they did all of last season. They have a young team and once these players get more playing time and start growing as a team, it could turn them back into the old Lee County Bobcats, when star guards Aaron Charles and Kenny Brandenburg where there shooting the lights out of the basketball.

16) Riverside Christian (0-0): No games for the Rams this season.

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