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Wonder Women


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Lynda Carter portrayed Wonder Woman back in the day. She could perform superhero feats with her special powers. I have witnessed countless Wonder Women in my high school coaching career the past twenty plus years. I am referring to a special breed of women: COACHES’ WIVES.


I grew up in a sports crazy family. My father coached basketball and baseball and broadcast football games on the radio as well. He was also in charge of the Little League baseball program in Lewis County. He has achieved many great things in athletics. The power behind him is my mother. She kept our house running efficiently from meals to homework to getting all of us where we needed to be. She was our Wonder Woman.


A coach’s wife sacrifices so much for their coaching husband. They allow their spouse to pursue their passion many times at the expense of their own wants. A dedicated coach is gone so much from September to March and, in today’s game, the month of June as well. HUDL may have been invented by coaches’ wives:). It has cut down on coaches having to scout games as much in person. The wife/mother is dutiful to get the children fed, homework done, and attend as many games as they can. This can put a strain on a marriages at times. I remember a state champion coach at a clinic saying, “I won the state title, the pinnacle of my profession, but after the celebration I slept in my office due to my divorce.” Those words have stuck with me for a long time. Though I fail miserably at times, I try to make time for my wife and family. As a close coaching friend often tells me, “Coaching is like a drug to many coaches.” It just cannot become your life.


Have you ever noticed a few coaches’ wives are their husband’s scorebook keeper? Do you ever wonder why? It keeps them out of the stands and away from the negative comments about their mate. It has become very common for parents and fans to yell at coaches from the stands. It is part of the job but wives are not happy when it happens. The scorers’ table is a safe haven for our Wonder Women.


A coach’s wife, at times, becomes a mother to the team. They may pick a favorite player to mentor and nurture through a season. They may bake cookies for the team or clean up a smelly locker room. They may lift up a struggling player who may be in their husband’s doghouse. Our Wonder Women definitely wear many hats in their role.


Last, but not least, our Wonder Women experience all of the peaks and valleys that a coach goes through. It is easy to say leave your wins and losses at the gym, but it is much harder to do. These women are there, win or lose, to provide the support their coaching husband needs. They are truly a special breed.


So the next time you see a coach’s wife give her a pat on the back or maybe even a hug. She may not fly through the air in a cute little outfit, but she definitely is a true WONDER WOMAN.




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