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KYMSFA Press Release 9-12-16 - 2016 Playoffs


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For Immediate Release:


The 2016 playoffs are right around the corner. Here are some things you need to know and how to make sure your team is entered.


1. Membership in good standing. This means online registration, verified roster, team schedule all submitted, as well as dues paid by September 22, 2016.


2. Submission of WIN LOSS FORM -

A. Form will be activated on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 8am for submissions.

B. Remember that you must submit a form for each team you plan to enter (one for 8th and one for 7th, if you wish for both teams to participate in the playoffs.

C. Win Loss Forms are due by Thursday, September 22, 2016 by 11pm, no form no playoffs.

D. If you can not host on any of the game dates (10/4, 10/8, 10/15) I need to know about it ASAP to make those notes before the playoff brackets are made.

E. Refer to the attached Playoff PDF for information.


3. Playoff Brackets - Playoff brackets will not be released and finalized until September 29th at the earliest. However teams that will have a play in game on October 4th, will be notified in advance of this to schedule logistics.


4. Game notification emails - Coaches and AD's/Principal (whoever the contacts were on registration) will receive game notification emails that will look like this:


KYMSFA State Playoff Game Notification - REGION xxx - XX GRADE - DIVISION XXX


Date: 10/4/16


Visitor: Team A


Home: Team B


Site: Team B Field


Game Time: 7pm


Host Site, game instructions/script/gate revenue form and other information will follow in a separate email.




5. Host sites / home teams for playoff games will receive another email in which host site instructions and forms will be attached.


6. Officials - KYMSFA will assign officials for all games, host site will be notified of who they are and payment for the playoff games.



On a side note I would like to remind everyone that close to 100+ games get scheduled for the first week of the playoffs and there are many logistic task that have to be ironed out. Some of these logistics have nothing to do with the two teams playing in a particular game so everyone needs to be as flexible as possible.

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