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Powell County Red River Classic

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Day 1 (Monday December 28th):

Russell County 75 Jackson City 50

Harlan County 65 Tates Creek 56

Model 73 Lee County 62 (OT)

Clinton County 58 Estill County 43

Powell County ? Menifee County ?



Day 2 (Tuesday December 29th):

11:30 AM Lee County vs. Menifee County

1:30 PM Jackson City vs. Clinton County

3:30 PM Harlan County vs. Russell County

5:30 PM Model @ Powell County

7:30 PM Estill County vs. Tates Creek


Day 3 (Wednesday December 30th):

1:30 PM Harlan County vs. Menifee County

3:30 PM Lee County vs. Clinton County

5:30 PM Estill County vs. Model

7:30 PM Jackson city @ Powell County

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