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Good Bye Seniors And Thank You For The Memories

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In a few hours many of you will be playing your final high school football game and before you do, I wanted to say a few things to you all, and I am sure most of the fans across the state will agree. First when you step on to the field take that extra second to take in all the eye sees. Many of you will have family, friends and countless fans, who have been there watching you play many of times. 2nd when you hit the sideline make sure you promise yourself, you will give everything in your being to play the best game you can.3rd, and so important make sure you show the football love you have for your teammates on each and every play. To you seniors who have not qualified for the playoffs and are going on to play college ball make sure you give thanks to your coaches for the help they have given you and make sure to thank your teammates and all of those, who have helped you during your high school career.


To the seniors, who have made the playoffs all of you know the clock is ticking toward the end of your high school career, so you more than most really need to give it everything you can, not only to keep things going for you but your younger teammates, who in their only way look up to you and learn from you more than you might ever know, until later in life.


In closing I want to say thank each and everyone of you,especially those who I have watched play in person or on TV. You guys never really get to know how much I and the other fans enjoy watching you guys make our football nights as enjoyable as you do. So from me and I am sure all fans around the state, we say thank you and good luck in what life brings you after you graduate and move onto the next chapter of your life.

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