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6th or 7th region who will be stronger this season?

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I dont know which region will be stronger. What I do know is that we are going to have some very good basketball games in the Louisville area this year. BE plays Male in their 2nd game followed by Butler @ Butler. Should be fun and hopefully when they do the "blind" draw for the State tournament 6&7 will not meet in the first round....

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Too early to predict an order, but the teams listed in this thread are the best in their regions. The real question is what kids worked the hardest over the summer and improved their skills. What kids had a growth spurt that will impact their team. Kids that improve their game can play a big impact on how much better their team will be in the upcoming season.

The next couple of years will be fun to watch in the 6th and 7th region because there's tons of talent at all grade levels. Lot's of young players with serious upside potential.

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If I had to list the teams in 6th and 7th region and which are stronger I would go as follows

1 Butler

2 Male

3 Bullitt East


5 Manual

6 Eastern

7 Mercy


but there is hardy any wiggle room...you could throw them all in a bottle and pull them out at random and come as close as my list...much parity and that should bode well for the season

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