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Instructions To Add A Poll To Your Thread

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1) The first step takes place when you’re initially creating your thread. Scroll down to the “Additional Options” box, and click in the box next to the “Post A Poll” item. It will ask you for a number of poll options – the number of multiple-choice answers you want between 1 and 20. You have to choose a number, but will be given the option to change your choice once you’ve submitted your thread and continued on to creating your poll.


2) Click the “Submit New Thread” button. This will create your thread, and then take you automatically to a new page to create your poll.


3) Enter the question for your poll in the “Poll Question” box. You can update the number of poll options (answers) if need be, and then enter each answer in the appropriate option box below. You also will have to select whether or not you want your poll to close after a specified number of days. If you want the poll to stay open permanently, type in a ‘0’ in that field.


4) Under “Additional Options”, you also will have the option to determine whether poll participants will be able to make multiple choices, or if the poll participants’ names will be public once they select their answers.


5) Click “Submit New Poll”, and the poll will be automatically added to the top of the thread you created with it.

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