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Words from me to all of the coaches, players and others

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Its just a few weeks before the season kicks off and before it does.

I wanted to take the time to thank all of the players, coaches, cheerleaders and everyone else involved in all of the wonderful memories you all will be responsible for during the season.


Some of the team I will root for, while others I will be rooting against but I will always applaud you the player for giving your time and energy that let myself and all of the other fans across the state to have a great time.


To the coaches each and everyone of you have forgotten more football than I, and most fans ever thought we knew but this won't stop me or other fans from 2nd guessing you. Make no mistake about it, on my part I have nothing but respect for you as do most fans.


Hopefully this season you all will play your best ball and not only be successful on the field but off of it. Many of you, the player have little or no clue how the younger kids look up to you, so when given the chance I hope you show them how to do things the right way on and off of the field.


As the seconds tick off of the clock make sure to try and enjoy the moment and win or lose remember you do so as a team, so never let others see you disrespecting a teammate or coach.



To all, I as well as all other fans wish you a successful injury free season.

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