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Big changes to VB All-State selection process and teams

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Here's the full letter posted on the KVCA (Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association) website. The KHSAA uses the KVCA selections for All-State:




The Summary: Even though VB does not have classes in the eyes of the KHSAA, the KVCA divides the schools by size - AAA, AA, A. In the past, 1st , 2nd, and HM teams were selected for all 3 classes - so that was 9 All-State teams. Now, there will only be 3 teams - 1st, 2nd, and HM for the whole state, but each team will be required to have a minimum of two(2) AA and A players.


The other interesting change is no more ties for Region COTY or POTY. Regions will have to vote again until they get a winner. There will still be a statewide COTY and a POTY in AAA, AA, and A. And one(1) Miss Volleyball for the State


My thoughts...

I don't like the requirement that you *must* have a minimum of two(2) AA and A players on your ballot for each of the 3 teams, mostly because I'm against requirements of any kind on votes like this. You either earn it or you don't. Why the built-in spots for AA and A players? Why not also require a minimum of two(2) AAA players? Doesn't seem like a fair way of setting up the ballot.


But I do like it going from 9 teams, which was way too many, down to 3 teams. Do I think this favors the large volleyball powerhouses? Yes. And why not. Let's be honest, IMHO that's where the best volleyball is being played, so that's who should be on an All-State team. I'm not part of the everyone gets a ribbon movement.

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Very interesting to say the least. I still think volleyball should be divided into classes, as it would help the smaller schools, but other than that I like the proposed changes. Especially when you read that the coaches are not taking the voting seriously.

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The letter said voting across the 3 classes was inconsistent by coaches - I don't know if I would take that to mean they weren't taking it seriously.


Yes, classes would help the smaller schools - and the same can be said for every other sport. But honestly, 3 private schools in Louisville having a monopoly on the State Championship for the last 20 seasons isn't so much about size, as it is about the public vs private debate and the ability of private schools to attract student-athletes. I think size is a secondary factor.


I will say I can't think of another sport where the combination of size and private schools is so dominating. If you don't have 600 females or roughly the equivalent of 1200 co-ed, you don't have a shot. And you better be private too.

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