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LaSalle (OH) 30 Covington Catholic 0 (JV)


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Scoring Summary


CovCath received the opening kickoff to open up the 1st quarter but were stalled by a tough LS front line.

After CovCath punted the ball, LS moved the ball with #21 Brock running the ball pretty much time after time but CovCath held and LS turned the ball over on downs inside the 20.

The 1st quarter pretty much continued this way with each team moving the ball but each time both LS and or CovCath "D' stopped each other from scoring.


End of the 1st quarter 0-0


The game continue the same course as the 1st quarter with the "O's" being stopped by the "D's"" until with around 2:00 left in the 2nd quarter, CovCath threw an INT and La Salle was 1st and goal from the 7 yard line where Brock ran it in.


La Salle 7-0

1:21 2nd quarter

Brock 7 yard TD run

Whittaker PAT good


Half time score La Salle 7 CovCath 0


CovCath kicked off to La Salle to open the 2nd half and after returning the kick off to the 50 yard line the La Salle QB Green threw a strike to Collins for a 50 yard TD pass to make the score 14-0. CovCath after that played never seemed to recover

offensively and seem to have trouble moving the ball through the air or on the ground


La Salle 14-0

9:29 3rd quarter

Collins 50 yard TD pass from Green

Whittaker PAT good


La Salle 21-0

3:46 3rd quarter

#86 12 yard TD pass from Tankerky

Whitttaker PAT good


End of the 3rd quarter La Salle 21 CovCath 0


The fourth quarter continue the same path with CovCath just not being able to move the ball and with 4:41 left in the 4th quarter CovCath gave up a Safety. With just 0.15 seconds left in the game La Salle scored their last and final TD on a 6 yard TD run by McNeiley to end the game.


23-0 La Salle

4:41 4th quarter

La Salle recorded a Safety


30-0 La Salle

0:15 McNeily 6 yard TD run

Whittaker PAT good


Final Score La Salle 30 CovCath 0

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