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  1. Kinda funny that so many can find so much fault with Cooper for “hanging” with and causing 5 turnovers on the team that many said would simply walk all over them. Sure they won by 20 as they should have but to let an inexperienced, undersized team hang around says more to me about Ryle than what Cooper did or didn’t do.

    Congrats to Ryle as I pull for all NKY teams but CCH is still the only team I see making a deep run in the playoffs from NKY. Congrats to Cooper for continuing to fight. Their last two games have been their best since the first 3 qtrs of the HHS game. This team is going to look totally different and be pretty darn good over the next two years.


    So you don't think Beechwood will go far?

  2. I've heard great things about ASAP. So it sounds like Ryle really doesn't have an off-season program. In this instance, finding outside training is a great thing. If you can't get it at your school then find it elsewhere.

    Ryle has an off season program. Always had and always will.

  3. Agreed. I disagree that them being on the visitor fans side is somehow a hindrance.

    I thought there was problem last year during the playoffs. Bad exchanges between the visiting players and the SK fans. If I remember correctly things were thrown at the players by unhappy fans. And inappropriate words were exchanged.

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