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  1. Ryle looked like they were still reeling from the 2017 scrimmage. They did force a Shamrock punt on the opening series after a couple of T first downs, but then gave up a safety and the Rocks #1s scored on every possession after that I believe. If memory serves Ryle had only 1 first down in the first half. T is not better than last year, but they are a very different type of team. It should be a fun year.

  2. I was watching video and announcers never noticed the change from jump ball to foul call either ( or, I missed hearing the change). Had me confused, too.


    My gosh so many people are misunderstanding this call! Please follow this one item at a time:

    1. jump ball was called.

    2. Trinity player was handed the ball to inbound, and the five second count starts.

    3. SC commits a foul on the floor BEFORE the ball is inbounded.

    4. Official enforces foul, and the arrow does not change because the ball was never inbounded.

    5. a minute late another held ball, still T ball.


    It's that simple.

  3. I have always thought that cutting down the nets before anything other than the final game of the season is not good. That is not the top of the mountain. Do you cut down nets for district championships? I would hope (and even bet) that Cov Cath did not cut down nets after their regional title even if they were allowed to. I could be wrong though. If I am CC coach I say, "This is not the prize boys... this is not the prize. We have to earn the right to cut down the nets at Rupp."

    Really gets me in the NCAA regionals. You win 4 games, 2 of which are usually against so-so opponents and you cut down nets? You are still two wins away from a title. Three of the four net cutters are not going to be champions. Cutting down the nets should be ULTRA special.

  4. Seems like the elephant-in-the-room issue is that the feelings about transfers are different depending on whether or not the student plays a major sport (really just football or basketball.) X had a senior transfer swimmer a couple of years ago who was one of the 4 fastest guys on their team. So there was some other team member who would have gotten to swim on a relay but didn't because of the senior transfer. No one raised an eyebrow. The kid moved to town and went where he wanted to go. Which is absolutely fine. If that kid had been a 6'11" post player or had Rondale Moore-like speed, we might still be talking about him today. But I bet no one one this site even knows his name.

  5. No way.

    '15 Male was undefeated and deserved it.

    '13 Scott Co. beat Male, and earned it as well. Trinity won the rest, and X wasn't stopping them.


    Absolutely X wins in '13 with Glaser and the Charles Walker show. Walker would have averaged 180 yds per game and the Tigers would have controlled the ball for 35 minutes per game. Of all the teams in the state, Scott Co. should be the most thankful that Glaser was not at the helm in 2013

  6. Sports fan, i believe trinity is heads and shoulders better than X in basketball. As a matter of fact, i think Trinity is also way ahead in basketball wins in the series of games played against Saint Xavier.


    Lately yes, but all time I am guessing X is ahead. I would think X would have won 2 out of every 3 over the first 30-40 years of Trinity's existence, but maybe I am wrong.

    Back to the football thread topic :-)... While I thought the officiating was bad, I thought some bad calls went against X also. And whomever you are, when you are winning by multiple scores the close calls don't tend to go your way. I think a deeper question/concern for the Commonwealth is that I think officiating has declined in a season-long fashion. Fewer people want to do it (oh gosh why?... could it be because people on sites like these bash them?), and as a result we are left with what we are left with. Guys who want to do it, doing the best they can.

  7. X's top basketball player is from New Albany?! I swear I had no idea on that one.

    How is that not coming up in the discussion?

    Final thought on the thread is that X would obviously be better with Moore, but the question is whether or not T's staff would do better shutting him down than X's staff did. Also, would X's scheme fully utilize Moore. It is not as simple as just giving him the ball and sitting back and watching.

  8. Missing some biggies from X & T... I will probably think of more (and Shawn Johnson graduated T in '95, not '98)


    For X

    Mo Moorman '63 Texas A&M

    Rick Buehner '78? Notre Dame

    Mike Meiners '85 UK

    Jeff Hale '85 UK

    Jeff Houk '87 UK

    Damian Burke '81? Ga Tech


    For T

    Louis Crristofoli '81 IU

    David Iglehart '85 Alabama

    Matt Stein '81 UK

    Brad Lampley '93 Tennessee

    Doug DeJarnett '74? Tennessee

    Steve Scanlon '86 UK

    Wes Weitlauf '08 UL

    Vince Lococo '15 UL

    Jason Larch '85 UK

    Joe Welsh '81 UL

    David Crane '85 UK

    Mike Meiners '85 UK

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