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  1. Ditto, the cheering was great!! Last I heard ER cheerleaders weren't even going to cheer at the game. The school spirit on both sides of the gym was just great!!
  2. It was a hard fought battle between both teams. Coach May made a big mistake not keeping #55 Rowe in the game to go up against Riddle. I don't understand why he made that decision, it such a huge district game!!! :irked: Congrats to Valley
  3. Any predictions !!! :sssh: I going with ER.. :banana: :dancingpa ((((Good luck!!! boys))))) play hard!!!
  4. Warriors by 7. Wondered why I haven't been seeing many posts for the 15th, I think everyone from the 15th has moved over to bluegrassrivals. Good Luck Warriors!!!!
  5. Good game warriors!!! so proud of you!! :banana: :dancingpa
  6. OOhh my!! this was an awesome game!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! ER did a great job!! What can I say about our big man in the middle #55 ROWE, he shut Cade Riddle DOWN!! sooo exciting.. :banana: Our boys are young but they are very talented.. Congrats to Coach May, he done well.. Our cheerleaders did a great job!!! good luck in the next game boys!! GO WARRIORS :dancingpa
  7. East Ridge will take on Shelby Valley Friday night at ER. Ought to be a good game. I pick the Warriors.
  8. I just hope they can do a repeat this Friday againist SV!!!! Nice job WARRIORS!!!!!
  9. ER good job! Great team work! We want a repeat of this on Friday againist SV!! GO WARRIORS!!!! :banana: :dancingpa
  10. The coaching of this talented ER team is so miserable!! But I'll give Coach May credit he wons own up to their every loss has being his fault!!! Lots of talent on this young team. If only they had a coach to bring it on! Has anyone figured out Coach May's game plan? But because I love those Warriors I pick em to win! Good Luck ER. Will there be a JV game? What is the start time.. Don't know anything about it being on the radio.
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