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  1. Yep, thought I should say they were red, didnt want it to be confusedc with waddling when something walks
  2. If i were referring to WADDLES what animal would I be talking about? HINT, they are red
  3. What sound does a turkey make when it is spooked? More specifically I guess it would be the sound it makes to warn others of trouble
  4. I am assuming you mean the beating of their wings, or drumming as most refer to it.
  5. I like you see a lot of everything since I live out in the country away from everything, but I see turkey more than any of the others.
  6. Is this only the female that produces this smell, i always thought that copperheads in general produced it?
  7. What does a beaver eat? And what happens to a beavers teeth if it doesnt keep eating?
  8. The rabbit is most likely to circle right back to the same spot
  9. Hunt it all the time, thats where I live
  10. I believe the biggest is the Eastern which is what we have here, and the record was killed in Whitley County, actually Wolf Knob. It was an Eastern. I will let someone else answer the other two.
  11. shock gobble means just what it says, a turkey will gobble when a sound or noise shocks or spooks it, usually during the spring. Owl calls, hawk calls, coyote calls, peacock calls, craw calls all will cause a turkey to shock gobble.
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