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  1. matthew 25 talks about people going to heaven who have done none of these things.
  2. True Baptist have always been about the autonomy of the local church and the priesthood of the believer. It is only since the 80s that we have the focus on non "Free Thinking" in the Baptist circles.
  3. I assume here that you are talking about theologians who have studied the actual Greek and Hebrew. If that is what you mean, then they are more likely to be less literal than most Baptist Lay people.
  4. What does this even mean? I would say there has to be a commitment from the coach, first. None of the last 4 coaches have even chosen to live in the community. Does the administration support the girls program more than the boys? The girls just won the 11th region All A. Girls' coach doesn't live in the community either, but he is here ALL THE TIME.
  5. "Redskins" has always been derogatory. Americans just haven't cared and generally speaking native american's don't want to get caught up in U.S. politics. How many reservations have you visited? The fact that you would be treated more harshly for using the N-word in one environment and the R-word in another is certainly not a reflection of dehumanizing affect of the word.
  6. Just because the media hypes something certainly does not mean that that it is scientific fact. Just because the media doesn't hype something does not mean that it is NOT scientific fact.
  7. Effects of Acid Rain - Forests | Acid Rain | US EPA Soil-Net.com - Acid rain Acid Rain Effects - Forests
  8. See, you are just simply wrong; http://www.education.ky.gov/KDE/Administrative+Resources/Testing+and+Reporting+/District+Support/End-of-Course+Information/ Global cooling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Science-type stuff Killing the myth of the 1970s global cooling scientific consensus | ThinkProgress
  9. Why is Redskin not on the same level as the N-word? How do you get to decide that? Is the F-word for homosexuals on the same level, or are you going to decide whether or not it is offensive?
  10. With all of the real scientific evidence and the thousands of scientists in agreement, this discussion just makes you guys who believe it is a hoax look silly.
  11. I can read that scripture to say that heaven is simply not available without Jesus, but since Jesus is the way, he redeemed us all. Also, "a soul redeeming itself" . . . And, there is not 2k years of the the same theology. Some sort of Universalism has always existed - even in Catholicism.
  12. I am asking what does more good - Punishment or restoration?
  13. If they are involved in making the victim whole, is that not realizing consequences? There is nothing therapeutic about prison/jail.
  14. What I don't understand is how a school would know if a Juvenile has been accused/convicted of a Felony unless the school brought the charges. Juvenile dockets are sealed and the school shouldn't know. Also, I don't understand where are when we lost the notion of "restorative justice" - most of the comments on here are about punishment, but nothing about making a victim or perpetrator whole again. Shouldn't that really what school "justice" should be? Making folks whole, again? A teenager, committing a felony, is a broken human being. Should we simply punish or try to restore/fix the brokenness? Kid gets caught drinking, is it better to discard the kid and kick her off of the team, or do we say your participation is based on conditions. . . i.e. you have to attend AlAnon meetings regularly and make a couple of speeches to the middle school or some other group about the dangers of underage drinking. I would tend to think the second solution is much better.
  15. That is just ignorant, in the true definition of the word.
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