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  1. Who is out there guys? Gotta be a good fit available or at least willing to tackle a challenge.
  2. Martin is old school "Catholic family." I feel they hoped time would forgive his indiscretions. Not a rush hire by any means. This is a public relations disaster. Poor Clary will be just part of the collateral damage inflicted by this administration. LC has lived under a cloud of possible recruiting allegations since the Haney Days 20+years ago. The recruiting rumors are no worse under Clary than they were under Martin several years ago. It's a toss up at this point. In a coporate setting someone would clean house after an incident like this. I hope there is some accountability assumed here.
  3. Wow.. This scandal continues. I'm impressed Engineer.. You are in the know!
  4. That's true Clyde. Ofcourse as a faith based school, supposedly this behavior could not be tolerated. Amazingly now, all his prior ethical issues have been swept under the rug. Says alot about the moral values of this administration and parents. The ones who only care about their kids playing time over a "team" approach. As I had heard multiple baseball families were considering transfers .. Now, many families want to leave just from a moral perspective. As an Alum I am mortified.
  5. To make room for Martin's return. A small group of disgruntled parents wore the administration down. Primarily over playing time. They felt kids that played year round with KBC were given special treatment. These players come from all over Ky. and do play more on their respective teams due to talent and dedication. This entire situation is sickening. The administration has turned a deaf ear to anyone supporting Clary. I'll be supporting whatever team is fortunate enough to get him. Rumor has it the locker room tension has fractured this tremendous program. Many kids are looking to transfer out.
  6. Amen Engineer. Amen.. In all my years of being a Catholic supporter I am embarrassed to have been a part of this program, school, and that particular Parish.
  7. Shocking and undoubtedly planned...This has to be the shadiest baseball deal I have witnessed yet. Letting Clary go only hurts Catholic's program and the boys. Administration issued the black eye with bringing Martin back into the mix . Especially considering the reasons surrounding his "retirement." Clary will be scooped up by a neighboring program without question and rightly so. It's the kids and the program that will suffer at the President's hands.
  8. :thumb::thumb: Luck you were there to recap the game. Cannot understand why it was not covered in the local sports sections. Great game to watch from either side!
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