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  1. I was told that this was the correct final score even though BBHS's coaches called it in as a 12-2 win.


    Couple questions come to mind...


    1. Did BBHS play station-to-station after attaining a certain amount of runs?


    2. Is St. Henry THAT bad this year?


    3. No matter what the score is regardless if its a one run win or a 30+ run win, I feel you should call it in correctly. Why was it called in 12-2?


    Please don't think I'm chastizing the BBHS program...I know they've had a good program the last decade or so...and I am not accusing them of running the score up by any means...if a team is really bad, it is hard to tell your subs to not try to get a hit.


    The crusaders had 3 of their starters out during this game. (Mitch Kuebbing,center fielder. Dylan Bryant, shortstop. Kevin Peddicord, third base.) Their first 2 pitchers were both sophomores who have no varsity experience. There last pitcher is a senior who is not a pitcher. Congrats to St. Henry on their victory against Scott today 12-4

  2. So tell us a little about the game, if you would sir!


    Thanks in advance for the information!


    Sorry I accidentally hit a button and it submitted my recap of the game before I was done so I will continue where I left off. The Thoroughbreds end up scoring off a dropped fly ball hit to the St. Henry center fielder and the crusaders couldn't get the job done in the bottom of the eight.

  3. So tell us a little about the game, if you would sir!


    Thanks in advance for the information!


    Well, top of the seventh the Crusaders go out on the field with a 5-3 lead. Then the first hitter gets a single. Next guy gets walked. So it's a guy on first and second. The hitter lays down a sacrifice bunt. Now it's second and third with 2 outs. The hitter gets down 1-2 and the next pitch is a fastball from Zerhusen on the outside corner of the plate that could of ended the game. But nope, the umpire calls it a ball. Next pitch, the hitter hits a rope to left field that ties the game up. The Crusaders get out of it and go bat

    It's the bottom of the 7th and the Crusaders are at the top of their lineup. Conley grounds out. Bryant walks then steals. Miller strikes out. Bryant advances on a wild pitch. Peddicord battles long and hard fouling off multiple foul balls, but didn't get the job done. He ends up with a fly out to the center fielder.

  4. Ryle plays CCH on Thursday at 5:00, Conner on Saturday at 11:30, and St. Henry on Saturday at 2:00. All games at CCH. I don't know the complete schedule. It does look as though there's a decent stretch of weather coming, but I trust a forecast a week out about as much as I trust Dusty Baker not to ruin one of the Red's young pitchers' arms.



    I thought the knochelman was held at Simon Kenton?

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