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  1. Is the defense slow as well?


    Maybe. They gave up a 70 yard run and catch to a guy that runs a 4.7 40 week 1 and no one was close to catching him. They haven't really played anyone with a ton of speed. They may blow out their next two opponents and change my mind.


    Also, you guys need to relax. I said they're the second best team in 5A and don't have a ton of team speed. They got run out of the playoffs last year by a team they couldn't keep up with athletically. It's a long season and we'll see what happens.

  2. I'm not disparaging Ryle at all. I'm just pointing out the fallacy that "stepping up" to scrimmage someone like Trinity doesn't necessarily make you better. If anything, it's left Ryle with more questions than answers. That being said, I think they will beat Cov Cath. But I don't think that the butt kicking they took at the hands of Trinity tonight will have anything to do with it.

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