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  1. A little sensitive there aren't we. You were the one that called me out for figuring it wrong. The truth of the matter is, that a high school baseball game consists of seven innings, and until a change in the rules makes it a nine inning game, 6 runs in 7 innings will never be a 7.71 ERA. I apologize for the attitude comment.
  2. Thanks Statmaster..... It looks like LRCW needs to check his attitude at the door and take a baseball statistics course!!!
  3. How do you get a 7.71 ERA on 6 earned runs in 7 innings?
  4. Senior Jacob Bell got his first start of the year for Fleming Co., and led 3-2 when he was removed after the 5th.
  5. After first two weeks of season, what's your current ranking of 16th. 1- Greenup 2- Boyd 3- Ashland 4- East Carter 5- Morgan 6- Fleming 7- Rowan 8- Lewis 9- Russell 10- Bath 11- Fairview 12- Raceland 13- Rose Hill 14- West Carter 15- Menifee 16- Elliott
  6. Fleming Co. brought tying run to the plate in the bottom of the 6th. Harrison extended lead with 7 run 7th. Soph. Robert Workman gave Fleming Co. 6 good innings, but Fleming Co.'s youth struggled at the plate. Fleming Co. started 6 Sophs. & 3 Fresh.
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