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Just an Idea .


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I was thinking the other day .. and I usually get into trouble when I do this... but I had a great idea. There is always a parking issue when East Carter plays at home. KCU needs a football field. My idea is this. KCU and Carter County schools should go together and build a turfed field and stadium in the field right off I-64.


East and West Carter teams could have their home games alternating on Friday nights and the Knights on Saturdays. All 3 schools could / would be accountable for the upkeep. They could practice on their respective fields during the week.


The possibilities are endless. Concerts could be held there. KCU could host a great faith concert bringing in the biggest christian acts in the world. There is also always , every year, a parking and seating problem during the high school graduations. Problem solved.


Just an idea.

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