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Prince Avenue Christian (GA) 42 Baylor (TN) 35


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Wanted to share this score for my nephew’s team here in Georgia for a couple reasons.

First this was a huge inter-state game. Both teams were undefeated and ranked in the Top 100 in the Calpreps national rankings. It was a phenomenal game that came down to a blocked Field Goal, a clutch drive, and then the last play of the game a throw into the end zone.

1A Prince Avenue will now move close to being a Top 50 team in America.


The more important reason though was the added drama and emotions entering and during this game for Prince Avenue.


Thursday morning the players learned that one of their teammates last year was senselessly murdered. 



Elijah Dewitt was a key piece of their State Runner-Up team last year and still very good friends with most of the team. Dewitt moved back to Jefferson this year after some academic issues and the Prince AD even personally went to the GHSA to ask for his immediate eligibility because it was best for the kid. Dewitt was a star receiver on his way to FBS offers.

He was shot in the parking lot of a Dave and Busters after what I have heard rumored was a senseless altercation.

As if Prince was not having to play with a heavy enough heart after this tragedy, with seven seconds left they were dealt a second heavy emotional blow.

Star Senior jack of all trades Bailey Stockton broke up a pass in the hands of a WR in the end zone. During the play he collided with his own player and lay motionless on the ground. Stockton is not only a massive part of Prince’s success, he also happened to be one of Dewitt’s best friends.

After a twenty minute delay, the team had to watch Stockton be immobilized and loaded on a backboard to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Prince Avenue intercepted the final pass to secure the wi  with heavy hearts. 

The authorities have apprehended two suspects in the murder of DeWitt and I pray justice is served. My brother-in-law was the athletic trainer who worked with Stockton and kept him Immobilized, but all indications was he was moving his extremities on the field. Despite being in a lot of pain, it all seemed a necessary precaution and he should be ultimately be fine.

Please keep the families of these players and communities in your prayers. Additionally, please pray for the families of the two suspects as those were two young adults as well and the impact of their decision. Will certainly be a heavy burden for their own family.

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