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BluegrassPreps.com 10th Region Basketball Week 6 Review & Rankings

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Week 6 Review & Rankings


Well, it was a rough week for most teams in the region. Overall, the Region had a record of 11-16 this week and 7 of those wins were from the top 3 teams in the region. The region is proving to be more and more top heavy as the season progresses and it is still tough to figure out where teams in the middle of the rankings deserve to be. Other than one big change the rest of the region pretty much stayed the same this week, Lets dive into our week 6 rankings


All A Classic & Weekly Commentary below:


Ranking (record, change in ranking)

1.      George Rogers Clark (13-1, -)

2.      Mason County (13-3, -)

3.      Bracken County (11-5, +2)

4.      Harrison County (7-5, -)

5.      Campbell County (6-7, -2)

6.      Augusta (8-8, -)

7.      Bishop Brossart (7-9, -)

8.      Calvary Christian (9-4, -)

9.      Montgomery County (4-8, -)

10.   Scott High (1-11, -)

11.   Robertson County (6-6, -)

12.   Bourbon County (2-9, -)

13.   Paris (3-8, -)

14.   Nicholas (5-9, -)

15.   Pendleton County (5-9, -)

16.   St. Patrick (2-11, -)


Weekly Commentary


Starting off with the number one team George Rogers Clark… what can I say. They continue to impress. Two blow out wins this week, one against Dunbar, who are considered an 11th Region contender by many. The Cardinals haven’t shown a true weakness this year and they have proven they can beat teams in a variety of ways. I just think it will be tough for any team other than maybe Mason County to beat the Cardinals this season, and even then, the Royals would have to be on their A game to take down this team.


The number two ranked Mason County royals had 3 nice wins this week, including two against regional opponents in the Kentucky 2A Section 5 tournament. The Royals will take on the section 8 winner, Lawrence County, January 16th in Owensboro if all goes as planned. Mason County continues to show why they are the second the best team in the region. They have plenty of outside shooting from most of their contributing players. It looks like Terrell Henry has really stepped up his outside shooting from a year ago as he is shooting just over 43% from 3 for the year. The Royals have played well the whole season and the next couple of weeks the have opportunities to pick up some big wins as they face Campbell County, Highlands, and Dixie Heights. We will be able to see how they stack up against some of the top teams from Northern Kentucky.


Bracken County! The Polar Bears stepped up big and have earned every bit of their ranking this season. Two big wins this week. First, they knocked off last weeks #3 team in Campbell County, and then they won another nail bitter against #6 Augusta. Both games were close, and I think really show that the 3-6 ranked teams in this region are indeed very close together. In the end though Bracken has fought and clawed their way into the top 3. They’ve done it on the backs of the Reed brothers, two underclassmen, who have the opportunity to put up some historic numbers together. They carry the load as they are the only players who average double figures for the Polar Bears. This team is not very tall or very deep, but they’ve proven that doesn’t matter as they have gone 7-0 in region play this season. Bracken continues their All A run as they will play Bishop Brossart this week and if they can pull a win off, they will probably get Calvary Christian in the finals. And then on Friday they play Ashland, which will certainly be the toughest opponent the Polar Bears have faced this season.


Harrison County took one loss this week against the #2 ranked Mason County Royals. They were able to hang in the game against Mason County but were unable to pull off the upset as they lost by 11 points. They will play three regional games next week and if they play well they could win all three. A big matchup against #5 Campbell County will show us who of these teams deserves the fourth spot in the region.


Campbell County only had one game this week and dropped it to a hot Bracken County team. In my mind, I still believe this will be one of the final four teams standing in the regional tournament at the end of the year, but they have really played a step below their expectations so far. They’ve had a tough schedule and have been very competitive against a tough schedule, but they haven’t figured out how to win against those types of teams. They’ve had a chance in almost every game but just continue to get beat in close games. They have a couple of big-time opportunities this week against #2 Mason County and #4 Harrison County. Maybe the Camels can turn their luck around this week, but we will have to wait and see.


A tough week for most of the other teams in the 10th. Augusta, Bishop Brossart, and Calvary Christian (6th-8th ranked teams) all picked up one win each this week. Other than that, the lone remaining win was Nicholas County as they beat #16 St. Patrick . It’s still tough to tell which of the remaining teams will be able to separate themselves from the pack. I think Augusta is probably the most dangerous team but I could see many of these teams beating them if they don’t bring their A game. We’re approaching the halfway mark on the year and there really has only been one team that has dramatically disrupted the rankings (BRACKEN). There have been some let downs but most of the teams are still close to where they began. I am hoping that as we dive deeper into the season that we get to see more upsets and nail bitters the rest of the way and hopefully the rankings will get shaken up some more.



All “A” Classic


               Bracken County squeaked by with a 2-point win against Augusta and they will be the favorite the rest of the way. They won’t have a cake walk by any means though as they will have to beat #7 Bishop Brossart and then probably #8 Calvary Christian. Calvary won a close game against Robertson County and will move on to play St. Patrick. Paris had to pull out of the tournament due to COVID, making the road even easier for Calvary, as they should be able to advance to the All A Championship game. I am still sticking with Bracken to win it all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this Bishop Brossart team can pull off the upset.




Top Games & Predictions

Overall Prediction Record (26-9)

Monday Jan 10th

Bracken Co. vs Bishop Brossart, Bracken by 12

Calvary Christian vs St. Patrick, Calvary by 26


Tuesday Jan 11th

Mason County vs Campbell County, Mason by 6. Camels keep it tight but are unable to make the leap.

Harrison Co. vs Scott High, Harrison by 14, Scott high has the talent to beat this Harrison team but it’s going to be tough for this team to turn things around after the rough start.


Friday Jan 14th

Bracken Co. vs Ashland, Ashland by 15, will be tough for bracken to win this one.

Harrison Co. vs Campbell Co, Campbell by 4. Neither would surprise me.

GRC vs Montgomery Co., GRC by 20

Robertson Co. vs Pendleton Co., Robertson by 12, this is a game where Pendleton has a decent chance to win, but they will have to play well.



Saturday Jan 15th

Mason County vs Highlands, Highlands by 2. Don’t know much about the 9th but I know they have plenty of solids teams, curious to see how this one pans out

Augusta vs Fleming Co., Fleming by 8



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