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10th Region Week 3 Review & Rankings

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10th Region Week 3 Review & Rankings

Winter has arrived, along with some of the best high school basketball tournaments all around the bluegrass. An interesting 9th & 10th Region challenge over the weekend at Bracken County had a couple fun games. Although this year the Challenge was small, I like the idea of trying to do a big 9th & 10th Region Tournament/Challenge to kick off the year. The always interesting King of the Bluegrass kicked off this weekend as well, featuring GRC from the 10th. Next week should be even better with several other tournaments around the region and state. Let’s get into our week 3 Rankings.


1.       George Rogers Clark (6-1,-)


The Cardinals started the week off by absolutely obliterating a Harrison County team that was riding a bit of a hot streak coming into the week. They followed that up with A HUGE win this weekend against a top 5 team from Florida that Maxpreps has ranked in the top 25 in the nation. Sunday the Cardinals were handed their first loss of the season from Dorman ( #1 Ranked team in SC, Top 50 Nationally). A great showing this week from Jerone Morton and the Cardinals, they showed why many consider them leaps & bounds ahead of the next best team in the region.


2.       Mason County (7-1,-)


Mason County bounced back with two wins this weekend, with a big 27-point win against Holmes to start their week off right. They followed that up with an 11 point at Scott high, that featured a 44-point performance from 10th Region player of the year candidate Terrell Henry.


3.       Campbell County (3-5,-)


Campbell started the week poorly with two losses, to two solid 9th region teams. The week ended off with a 19-point win against Bishop Brossart. Aydan Hamilton and Des Davie continue to lead the camels as they continue to face top notch teams this week. After this week the schedule should lighten up a little bit for the Camels. They haven’t truly earned their ranking so far this season but no one else has really stepped up to show they should be ranked above this Campbell County team.


4.       Harrison County (4-4, -)

5.       Bracken County (5-3, +2)

6.       Scott High (1-6, -)

7.       Augusta (6-4, -2)

8.       Bishop Brossart (3-5, -)

9.       Montgomery County (2-5, +1)

10.   Calvary Christian (6-2, -1)

11.   Robertson County (5-2, +1)

12.   Bourbon County (1-5, -1)

13.   Paris (2-7, -)

14.   Pendleton County (1-9, -)

15.   Nicholas County (1-7, -)

16.   St. Patrick (1-7, -)


Weekly Commentary, Top Performers, & Top Upcoming games will be added Tonight, want to make sure I get the Rankings out before 2 today. Good luck to all the 10th Region teams competing in holiday tournaments this week!


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