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Conner 5 Boone County 1

Penalty Kick

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Final from Hebron.


I'd like to read a report from Connor's perspective. From my perspective, this was not the same Boone team that played vs Lexington Catholic on Tuesday though Connor played much the same as LC. They kick the ball forward or play it forward and look for through balls. Connor did this quite well tonight. Their team was running on all cylinders. Boone seemed to be laying back and waiting for things to happen rather than pass the ball to a forward position to take a shot. Conner controlled most of the tempo of the match from the opening whistle and put pressure on Boone's goal. Charlie Wend came as advertised. He was fun to watch... even from the other side of the stands. He is a great finisher. You can see that when he gets the ball he is looking for n opportunity to shoot. If he doesn't get it he dumps the ball off to a teammate nearby and works for another position.


Did he have a hat trick? I don't think so. The possible third goal came with around 5 or 6 minutes remaining. By this time Boone had many subs and JV players in. It looked like Connor kept most of their starters on the pitch. The forwards were all starters, I believe. Wend got deep along the left side of the goal. I didn't think he could kick it in from where he was due to such a sharp angle. He kicked it and Benjamin stopped the ball. It bounced off of him and a Boone player accidentally knocked it in.


The two #4 's started the game in close proximity as someone suggested in the prediction thread. For about 20 minutes Wend was pretty quiet as he had to kick the ball back and did not have an opportunity to score. Around the 20 minute mark Boone's #4 had to come out of the game. As reported tonight, Shutt had been sick for a couple of days and missed school yesterday. He was still sick tonight and could not come back in the game. He was pretty frustrated with the circumstances. Wend went on to have a good night scoring.


Conner's first goal came fairly early at around the 6 or 8 minute mark. #19 for Conner netted the ball. It was 2-0 at the half


Boone's loan goal came in the second half and was scored by Ullysses Martinez.

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