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Are the Big 4 more bunched together than ever?


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Sacred Heart d Mercy 3-1

Sacred Heart d Assumption 3-1

ND d Sacred Heart 3-2 (only loss)

Mercy d ND 3-2 (only loss)

Mercy and Assumption both have additional losses (Asssumption's was to #1 in nation)


This is one crazy year. Is there a clear-cut #1 yet? Will there be? Were the KY coaches actually psychic and correct dropping ND to #4 in the latest poll before they lost?

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I think all 4 teams are going to obviously be bunched together every year and there will be ebbs and flows in talent.


In the end, the match-up is what could make the difference. Mercy probably has the most tall players and big hitters of the four teams (especially middles) and this is definately a matchup advantage to a slightly smaller team like NDA. Mercy is also young so they will probably see the most growth of the four teams.


NDA plays the most cohesive on a consistant basis and that is obviously huge for tournament play, plus they have the best player in the state which raises everybodys game not to mention she is a great leader.


Assumption just doesnt seem to have much fire power in their hitting corps this year, especially if you can slow down their middles. It also doesnt help that their ball control isnt as good as it typically is (yet).


SHA has the tools to put a great run together. They have a great setter and one great hitter, the question is, can the rest of the crew rise up and help their team to victory.


The best part about volleyball (aside from the high paced action), in my opinion, is the full team effort it takes to win on a nightly basis. Let's see who can provide the full team effort to navigate the season and take home the state championship trophy, which is no easy task in Kentucky as teams from other states have quickly found out.

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With 1 week to go in the regular season, which of the "Big 4" is the favorite remains a murky mystery..



Durango Champs

1-1 vs ND

1-2 vs SHA

2-0 vs Mercy



Chicago Champs

1-1 vs ND

2-1 vs Assumption

2-0 vs Mercy



1-1 vs Assumption

1-1 vs SHA

0-2 vs Mercy



0-2 vs Assumption

0-2 vs SHA

2-0 vs ND


SHA is the only team that doesn't have a losing record vs any of the other 3 teams.

schedule this week: Mercy vs SHA, Assumption vs ND

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