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Monday Morning Quarterback: McGlone Hasn't Changed


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Aaron Snyder / The Independent

Ivan McGlone deflects praise with the best of them.


With so much success under his belt, he’s had plenty of practice.


McGlone sat on the track alongside three other Russell sports legends and the son of another on Saturday night before the Red Devils kicked off their 19-13 win over Greenup County.


The Russell Athletics Hall of Fame, ladies and gentlemen, is now open. The inaugural class: McGlone, the late Marvin Meredith, Regina Carroll, Liz Trabandt and Julie Ditty.


The 77-year-old had a gleam in his eyes as he waved to a packed home-bleacher side. McGlone, never one for personal glory, wasn’t smiling because of what he sees in the mirror, or because of what graced the scene behind him at Henry R. Evans Stadium, a sign that reads “Ivan McGlone Field.”





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