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Johnson Central 41 Fairland (OH) 6

15th Region

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Game was never in doubt. Running clock in the 3rd Quarter with JV playing most of the 3rd and 4th Quarters and Freshman finishing off the 4th. Fairland scored a late TD when the younger kids were playing following a fumble inside the 10 yard line. JC featured the shotgun offense tonight and actually had more pass plays than run plays in the first half. Tyler Pack was booming the ball and got a 63 yard attempt that feel just a few yards short (He also put a kickoff through the goal post by about 15 yards). Freshman Joe Jackson started his JC career with two rushing TD's (middle school state wrestling champion last year - future of JC rushing attack). Line was dominate on both sides of the ball as Fairland only managed 37 yards and 1 First Down in the first half.


All Stats Unofficial.

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