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7th Region getting interesting

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With Mishler transferring to Eastern, makes Eastern a viable team to win the 7th region. If Thompson can play under control and stay out of foul trouble and Porter playing like a beast in the post they will beat some good teams.


Male is still the team to beat IMO. Lots of length, talent, and depth that will be hard for most teams to overcome.


Manual is a question mark. Can Coach Sparks get his players to buy into his system and play for him? It didn't happen last year. Maybe this year will be different.


SHA has young talent, but don't know if they have the inside presence to be the premier team of the 7th region.


CAL is also a team that could jump up and make some noise, but here we go again with a new coach for the 3rd year in a row. What's up with that? Coach of the year in the 7th region gets booted? Makes no sense at all.

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